Technical Assistance Review: Windows 10

Windows 10 brings the best of Windows 7 and 8, plus innovate in several respects and can be upgraded free of charge. Learn more about the new Microsoft system update.

Technical Assistance Review: Windows 10

Windows 8, with the proposal to adapt to the mobile world, has ended up leaving many users, especially from very critical desktops regarding clothing, until then, new system. After all, the Microsoft solution was somewhat simplistic: use the same interface for all PC types.

Windows 10 comes to fulfill this need for better adequacy of the interface that has left itself to be desired in Windows 8. Kicking in some points, how to reallocate the Start menu on the desktop again, but continuing on the Universalist proposal for Windows 8.

That home page called “Modern UI”, typical of Windows 8 that was a form of the Start menu, played the function of a quick access to the system search and as a shortcut for frequently used programs and locations. This way the Modern UI was disassociate from the Desktop, running different applications and with interfaces that followed different logics. In Windows 10, the Modern UI is integrated to the Desktop, in the familiar appearance of the Windows 7 Start menu. The same way that integrates the interface of the old Modern UI applications.

In this merger between the strengths of Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10 is also freely inspired by ideas and other systems, as well as innovation in various aspects, as in the user orientation. This new system can, for example, warn when there are many applications being processed in the background so that the user can terminate unnecessary processes.

Another interesting innovation in this new version is the new type of rapid Windows organization. In previous releases, there were two predefined areas for Windows, that scheme: an entirely open window and another half. Now the screen is divided into four, so the user can drag the window into one of the corners so that it automatically passes to occupy ¼ of the screen. More than that, the system manages the Windows.

Unlike Windows 8 that, with noble purpose sought a cleaner interface for the user can concentrate on a single task, Windows 10 is much more explicit. What do you mean? Windows 8 Concealed, for example, the Shutdown button and until the Start button, with the new version, is easier to find the position of the elements more naturally.

What can become problematic is that in this new version of Windows Automatic Updates become even more frequent and there is no way to choose not to install updates. However, there is a positive side to that extent: helping to ensure protection against possible security breaches in the system.

Customization and adequacy

Customization is also a strong point of the new system, you can change the system colors, choose between starting your PC in tablet mode or desktop mode; Add, remove, or group Start menu shortcuts, among many other features that facilitate the suitability of various types of users and PCs.

And to effectively accomplish this versatility in various types of PCs, the compression gains a central role at the time of installation, because the system evaluates the processing capabilities of the appliance if it is fast enough to allow more aggressive compression. Compression among other artifices are used in this new version to be able to run on various types of technology.

Edge: New browser

After so many versions of Internet Explorer failed in various issues, the great novelty of Windows 10 is the Edge browser that, to the contraction of its predecessor, offers a lot of speed in performing tasks. Interface elements and animations are also much more fluid compared to other browsers. So the Edge is on a new plateau, ready to compete directly with other famous browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. However, for those who need IE for some more specific application, do not need to worry, ie stays as a complete app in the Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 10.

Other applications

Satan is the new virtual Assistant to help the user who arrives on Windows 10 and yet is not available in English. For now, only in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The command prompt also gained a new update, after years in it, the old terminal is to offer more functional and user-facilitated access. As the possibility of copying and pasting through the already known shortcuts CTRL + C and CTRL + V, new ways to select text, line wrapping. Additionally, when an unsupported encoding text is placed, the Prompt automatically filters the unknown characters.

In the media issue, they were also introduced in media players for music, videos, and images. There is also a new section dedicated to the Windows store, where music and movies can be purchased, similar to the ITunes model.

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