Ten Tips for Buying Your Digital Camera

Back to amateur public, prepared these tips based on my experience in photography

Ten Tips for Buying Your Digital Camera

People always ask me what the best camera available in the market? or what digital camera to buy? First you need to know to what use the camera.

 -Want some tips for shooting a lot better?

Determine if you will shoot more day or night, whether internal or external environment, you need a good zoom or an overview. With that in mind, I prepared ten tips to choose which digital camera to buy.

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Tip 1: lens

First of all, to know which camera to buy, check the lens equipment. The optical quality is essential for a high quality photo. One of the lenses that I recommend are the German Leica and Carl Zeiss.

Tip 2: Zoom

There are, available on the market, several zoom levels (the bigger the better), it’s just that this is the least important. What should worry about is if the zoom is optical or digital. Of the two options, I always prefer the first, for example, if a digital camera has 3 x optical zoom and the other has 5 x digital zoom, prefer the 3 x. Digital zoom is a feature “branch” and does the same as a picture clipping in photoshop, that is, the image loses quality as you approach the subject. With the optical zoom this does not happen, because the approach of the scene comes from a set of lenses, ensuring the sharpness at the end of the picture.

If I were choosing which camera to buy, I’d go with “super-zoom” above 30.

Tip 3: ISO

When your parents or yourself (if you have more than 30 years), was going to buy movies, the salesman asked: “Which WING you want?” If I were to photograph the Sun, 100 ASA, it was night, 800 and internal WING, ASA 400.Well, the wing is also called ISO and is nothing more than the film’s sensitivity to light. However, today we no longer use film, but the ISO is still very important. Choose a digital camera with this feature above 1600, at least. The higher the ISO end of the machine, the lower the degree of granulation of photo in dark environments.

Tip 4: Stabilizer

A stabilized equipment facilitates the pictures in dark environments and with very high zoom. This feature compensates for the natural tremor of the hands. When taking pictures in dark environments, we need to be as tight as possible to the photo doesn’t come out blurry and the same is said for a high zoom. The stabilizer is very useful in these situations.

Tip 5: resources

Although some features are useless, as the option of “Smile” (when the photo is taken only when everyone is smiling), a good facial recognizer helps in time to focus with a camera digital amadora. Another cool feature is the panoramic photos. Check also if there are macro option (represented by a flower), this feature is very good for portraying little things, like a bug.

Tip 6: external Flash

External Flash is best for those who want to purchase a camera Power Shot, because hardly a portable camera will have this option. Returning to the subject, so that you acquire one of these cameras, you can see that certain pictures will only be possible with an external flash, greater mobility and direction of light. You can observe if the camera digital supports this assessório looking at the top and viewing a shoe where you can attach the equipment.The external flash’s are purchased separately and are expensive, but worth it.
Of course, when you’re choosing which digital camera to buy, prefer the with shoe for external flash.

Tip: 7 Megapixel

Oddly enough, the amount of megapixel (MP) is the least important to the quality of an image. Is it possible to make great pictures with only 6 MP. Today there are machines with up to 24 MP, but make no mistake, if she does not have a good lens, the images are only for taking up more space in your computer (understand what is a pixel ).

Tip 8: video

Even if your goal is to photograph, today there are several cameras options prints that film too. The ideal is to find a Full HD-quality, because, when you want to make that video of your son riding a bicycle, or that aunt funny talking nonsense, will be of good use this technology.

Tip 9: memory card

Look for cameras with memory cards SD, XD acronyms, TF, M2, MS and CF. Different cards these are hard to find a ‘ Dumper ‘. That means, if your camera digital break the USB output, you will not have another option to move your photos to the computer.

Tip 10: tag

Look for known brands in the Brazilian market. They are more reliable because several users already experienced your qualities and will be easier to find people who give opinions on the product. In addition, if the digital camera has a fault, it will be much easier to fix or replace the equipment.

Worth taking a look at the post where I show the best brands of digital cameras available.

Bought your camera, now learn to shoot better!

I hope I helped with these tips on which digital camera to buy. Any questions, post a comment that I will answer.