Tested: Smartwatch Clock 360 Sport Bike

I had already tested the first Bike 360 version, as you can see in this article, and now I have the opportunity to try the newest version of the smartwatch clock of Motorola (actually Lenovo, I’m still going to take a while to get used to it!) that has a more sporty profile and received some very interesting upgrades: the 360 Sport Bike.

360 Sport Bike–Design

As I said earlier, the design tries to get closer to a common clock helps this gadget to merge with the day-to-day clothes, allowing even the combination with other accessories casual attire, and that happens over here where we have a silicone bracelet that wraps up the box of the part, giving her a more sporty. Unbelievably what could harm the watch ended up helping, the finish was better integrated and appearance of something more well designed, comfortable, of course!The display earned a ring with bevel (bevel) finish that frames the better the glass Corning Gorilla Glass and also remember the “ratchet” of sports watches, but that does not rotate to make any type of measurement. The button that allows you to go back to the main screen, among other functions, now is the time of 2 hours and on the opposite side we have a microphone that lets the Bike 360 Sport respond to voice commands.

It is not a beautiful piece as a classic Swiss wristwatch, but your neutrality does not compromise, allowing the composition of a casual visual without problems. As well as your predecessor, this is not a piece to accompany a social attire, but in the rest of the occasions should be fine.

360 Sport Bike–Screen

Another plus: AnyLight Corning Gorilla Glass hybrid 3 adapts the brightness, making reading easy in environments with little or a lot of lighting. Another point that I disliked in the previous version and that was improved is the display in home that now is not completely erased, meaning there’s always something on the screen, even if you’re not using the gadget (pictured), remembering to an e-ink display. The result is so good that I wonder why nobody did the same on a smartphone.

Unfortunately the screen still displays the black band at the bottom, where sensors are critical to the operation of the appliance. The good part is that after a while you get used to it, but I can’t help thinking how it would be much nicer without that detail.

360 Sport Bike-Features

Well, if you’re in the team who do not know what is the usefulness of a smartwatch clock, I can assure you that just using a day by day to see what he can improve in your life. I was skeptical when the first models hit the market, but today I’m a fan of some facilities brought by this friendly technology item, they are:

Not to be taking the phone out of my pocket all the time, since many notifications from the paired device end up on the screen of the Bike 360;

Control music players with a simple touch on the wrist;

Show your monitoring exercise and synchronize with other applications;

Follow the Google Maps routes without having to be holding the smartphone or lose attention when driving;

Voice commands to activate various apps, like Whats App or search for addresses, for example;

Use it as iPod and save songs in your memory from the library of your smartphone.

It is also good to note that some tools work better on your wrist than on a smartphone, a timer is one of them! Even a simple alarm clock might work better in a device with vibration strapped to your wrist

360 Sport Bike-Software

The previous generation showed some rare jacksonvan who arrived to bother sometimes, but the Android 1.3 gently wheel Wear thanks to improved processor, just showing some difficulty in dealing with the processing when we run two functions that require more processing as alternate music player with physical activity monitoring, but not enough to bother.

Navigation is simple and intuitive, and the reply by voice commands makes things even easier in certain tasks. Visual use with skill icons to easily identify what is being shown.

360 Sport Bike–Drums

300 mAh battery resisted well to tests I did, lasting about 12 hours using diverse and alternating between home and physical activities, but with massive use of heavier, as physical activity monitoring, music, GPS, use of applications and voice commands, felt the battery drains much faster and I believe your duration should fall by half. It is noteworthy that the performance is better than the previous model’s battery.

The cool part is the recharge, which is done by induction, by simply placing the device on the dock. I never measure how long lasted the full recharge, but it wasn’t anything time consuming.

360 Sport Bike-Features

Screen: Anylight with 35 mm in diameter;

Resolution: 360 X 325 and 263 ppi;

Operating System: Android Wear;

Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400;

Weight: 54 g;

Ram: 512;

Storage: 4 GB;

Battery: 300 mAh;

Sensors: Barometric altimeter, accelerometer, light sensor, gyro, heart monitor and vibrating engine PPG, integrated GPS;

Connectivity: WiFi b/g and Bluetooth 4.0 LE;

Protection: IP67-resists dust and under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes;

Dimensions and weight: 45 mm in diameter, 11.5 mm thick and 54 g;

Colors: in Brazil only have the black so far;

Compatibility: Android and iOS system;

Price: 1,999 R$ .00


The Bike 360 Sport presents itself as a real evolution of your predecessor, inserting new features and refining your design, but the barrier imposed by the price may make the user choose to other similar products, even if they don’t get the same advantages. However, it is always good to note that this type of technology is evolving, although still far from the potential expected by personal gadgets fanatics and enthusiasts, the improvements make a difference.