That Is the Prerogative

Prerogative is a noun feminine. The term comes from the Latin praerogativuspraerogo, which means “ask first, to pay in advance”, and the suffix –ivus.

That Is the Prerogative

The meaning of the Prerogative relates to the advantage of some individuals being part of a particular group or class, that is different from the others.

In this case, the prerogative is regarded as a synonym of privilege, being a regalia, a unique advantage.

For example: “He enjoyed the prerogatives that were granted by Law.”

In the Roman Empire, prerogative was the word that defined the century that voted in the first place. It was a custom to make a draw of a group of people so that these Romans to vote before the other, which gave them the “privilege” of not facing the queues.

Prerogative in English can be translated as a rightprivilegeprerogative or attribution.

Prerogative on the Right

Today, this term is seen most frequently in the Right, but it is also common to be used in the Policy. The word has the same idea, being a special right of a post, office, position or profession.

One example is when discussing the privileges of the role, as is the case of the prerogative of the attorney – this points to the specific rights for the lawyers that other people do not have the benefit of.

The prerogatives of the lawyer, as that elucidates the proper Order of Lawyers of Brazil (OAB), there are to be seen as privileges for the class, but to ensure that to occur, the exercise of the function so as to preach the independence and inviolability, always serving the citizens.

It is possible to see some of the prerogatives of this class in the Statute of the Lawyer. An example discusses the lack of hierarchy and subordination between the lawyers, judges and members of the Public Ministry, that is, all must be treated with the same respect.

Within the Right, there is still the forum by prerogative of office. The society is known as a privileged forum, or, certain public positions have, because of their functions performed, the special conditions of the trial. Even though a federal representative, for example, has been accused of crimes such as embezzlement of money, he may not be tried by the common law, but by the higher courts.

Another expression covers the prerogatives and entry in order for public administration that details the set of rights and duties of the Public authority where the prerogatives are the rights of characteristic and end up changing the way some matters are dealt with legally, and the obligations and duties that the State has to the private.

Prerogative or Prorrogativa

Although parônimas – when they have the pronunciation and spelling are similar, but are distinct in definition, many people still make the erroneous use of the words prerogative and prorrogativa.

While prerogative means privilege, right or benefit, prorrogativa is connected with the verb to extend – that is, she qualifies which serves to extend, for a postponement.

Prerogative Synonyms

The synonyms of Privilege are:

  • Hallmark,
  • Benefit,
  • Right,
  • Distinction,
  • College,
  • Franchise,
  • Honor,
  • Immunities,
  • Freedoms,
  • Privilege,
  • Regalia,
  • Advantage.

    Prerogative Antonyms

    The antonyms of the Prerogative are:

    • Duty,
    • Debt,
    • Charge,
    • Commissioning,
    • Legacy,
    • Obligation,
    • Burden,
    • Pension,
    • Responsibility.