The 5 Most Wanted in Brazil for the Practice of Fishing

The fishing for construction is the mode of sport fishing more practiced in the world. It is also the simplest though it involves some risks. It is ideal for those who like a lot of green, varied vegetation, silence and test your skills in overcoming obstacles.

This script is for fishermen who enjoy fishing for construction and you want to try different locations! Check out the following five sites ideal for practising this type of fishing in Brazil!

The Araguaia River

The Araguaia River flows through the States of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Tocantins and Pará. After walking through 720 km, he splits into two arms which involve the Bananal Island (largest fluvial island in the world). Presents a gap of approximately 570 metres to the Bananal island. The environment around the river Araguaia is beautiful, pure nature, with wide diversity of plant and animal species (Capybaras, howler monkeys, aranquã, vitória-régia, etc.).
Ideal for the fishing for construction because of the irregularities of the ground and because it is a fishing mode released in the region. The river is the most searched for barranco fishing in the State of Goiás. Some of the fish found are: mandubé; barbatus; painted; matrinxã fish-; Mandi; Pacu; crenicichla; surubim; Whip and piranha.

Rancho da Serra

Place for fishing for private use, with great infrastructure for receiving guests. It is located in the middle of the Pantanal, in the State of Mato Grosso, on the banks of the Red Cliff, on the right bank of the Taquari River, 20 km from the Centre of cushion according to ALLTIMEFISHING.COM.

It has an area of 5000 meters, two chalets (with capacity for eight people and another with a capacity of 16 persons) and guesthouse with six apartments. Offers has an area of 5000 meters, two chalets (one with capacity for eight people and another with capacity for 16 people) and Pousada with six apartments. It offers fishing for ravine with Cevas and deals. Fish of the region:Piau; Palm; Pacu; Catfish; Bearded; Jaú; Juropoca; Painted; Cachara; Tetra and gold.

Jauru River

Rio Paraguay basin with 390 km long, located in the town of Jauru, in Mato Grosso. Born in Chapada dos Parecis and flows into the Paraguay River. In it, you practice especially fishing for construction, but are still common to on-board fishing, round and in boat apoitado.

On its banks, is Pousada Glare of the Moon, for those who wish to comfort and fishing-oriented guides for construction. Is one of the piscosos wetland rivers, offering wide variety of species:Golden; surubim; painted; Pacu; barbatus; cachara; juropoca; jurupensem; piraputanga and lambari.

Ribeira de Iguape

Located in São Paulo, at the time of the municipality of Iguapé. Has area rich in mangroves, considered one of the five largest marine hatchery in the world. The Valley of the River’s aquatic ecosystems (River River, sea and estuary) and terrestrial (mangrove, restinga dune). After the Ribeira River until the drainage system in the Atlantic, has 34 km long (being that part of its water not flowing directly into the ocean, but in the Small Sea). Main types of fish: Golden; Piau; lambari; Tilapia; CARP; Catfish; sábalo fish and scab.

Juma River

Wood River tributary, Juma is located southeast of Manaus, the capital of Amazon . It is a region full of rivers, flooded forests and edges exposed with many ravines where outcrop large fish, such as the Peacock bass.

The Juma River region was consolidated as a place of ecological tourism and sport fishing, as well as the fishing for construction. The fisheries are performed preferably in the summer. Fish species: Peacock bass-açú; pirarucu; Jau; sharp; scab; aruanã; apapa; Black piranha and, even if it is not common, it is possible to find fish like gold and cachara.

When is fishing in barranco, consider one of these places! Do you know any of them? Register your opinion, sharing your ideas!