The Best Lights for Bicycles

The modern rider must equip their bicycle with all the options, or at least those essential, just as it would for a car. Among these, one of which it can not do without is the light. Essential when traveling at night, both in town and out, we can not do without this essential tool to report our presence on the roadway to avoid such unpleasant surprises. But how to choose the right light for our bike?

Essentially you can divide the field between the lights for city bikes and those for mountain biking. These two categories differ for light emission, operating time, weight and expense. The lights of mountain bikes are usually more powerful as they need to illuminate a wider range of road in front of the bike because they must also show any obstacles that you can hardly find a paved road. The lights of the city bikes are less powerful because they essentially serve to indicate the presence of the bike, but it should not blind the drivers. In this second case are the most important factors as side visibility and weight. Of course, the lights of a city bikes are cheaper than those of a mountain bike.

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The lights for a city bike (flood lamps or diffuse) can cost from about € 5 for a single lamp at about 30 euro for a complete kit that includes attacks, dynamo and everything else. Of course there are always exceptions like the Sigma Karma tire lights which costs 165 euro which is like having a spotlight on the bike, but we do not serve to go that far. The advice is to buy a complete kit that buy individual pieces, sometimes very small, it’s true that can save you, but you have to know how to professionally assemble because it is easy to buy two pieces are not compatible or not buy at all someone. The battery-powered lights are more expensive than those with the dynamo, but they have more power and the advantage of being always on; those on the other side Dynamo do not run the risk of being left without light when the battery is low. The average cost for a discrete set with a visibility of 500 meters and a range of over ten hours is 20 Euros.

The lights for a mountain bike (spot lamps or concentrated) instead are slightly different, must be real torches that emit much more light and for this they need for a battery. The cost here salt, but not by much. Here we start with fifteen euro for a single light up to about 100 € for the complete kit with front and rear lights. Except of course the super expensive exceptions. In this case one must also consider that, producing a more powerful light, the batteries last less, usually hardly above the 8 hours, therefore it is advisable to prefer the batteries that are recharged via USB or power adapter socket than the classic style that could well costing you a lot. Finally, be it mountain or city bike, the advice is to prefer the LED lamps because they have a better relationship performance / consumption / price compared to the other types.