The Best Smartwatch for Android

What is the smartwatch right for an Android smartphone, find out in our guide

Today we are going to see what might the intelligent watches to buy, to get the most out of your Android smartphone. In the rich panorama of wearable wrist watch, most of the smartwatch integrate more features and functionality for Android operating systems, rather than for iOS. The gap widens when we speak instead of cheap smartwatch, where the features implemented for iOS are very basic.

Let’s not forget also that many smartwatch integrate an operating system developed by Google on the lines of Android and is the popular Android Wear – Needless to say, the two operating systems are fully compatible, complementing and implementandosi each other. Choosing the best smartwatch to bind to one Android smartphone may be complicated, but we wrote this guide to guide you in your choice.

The best Android smartphone

Motorola 360 – 2nd generation

The Motorola 360 Watch 2, the next generation of Motorola, clock has the best combination of design, features and potential to meet any “pulse”. First of all, implements the Android system Wear which perfectly use on Android smartphone – not coincidentally was designed from the same Android operating system. What did the clock of Motorola more than others? First Google Now with voice search system, an excellent environmental notifications and thousands of mobile apps. Does not make the coffee in the morning, but the updates are frequent and consistent, always maintaining high performance of this smart watch.

As well as the Apple Watch integrates easily with the functions of an Iphone, so the system Android Wear integrates seamlessly with the smartwatch Android and Motorola 360 2 shines especially for design and availability of applications. The watch has a style very elegant, is classic but not bulky, it is a watch that can be worn all day, for every occasion. Both the LG and Huawei have designed smartwatch equally elegant, but they couldn’t stay low in price as the Motorola.

After the first successful smartwatch 360, today the new second generation 360 Motion shows a clock in two sizes from 42 mm or 46, the strap is not necessarily replaceable with other straps Motorola customizations so you don’t miss them. There is also a sport exhaust system dedicated to athletes.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best smartwatch to mate to your Android smartphone, you should choose the one that integrates the same software, and we focus on the motion 360 2.

The second best smartwatch for Android

Samsung Gear S 2

The Samsung S2 Gear is compatible with Android smartphones 4.4 with more than 1.5 GB of Ram – that said going to look at the devices compatible with the Samsung we notice many models that can be synchronized. The Gear S 2 was a revolution in this respect because the first Samsung Gear S was designed to work primarily with Samsung smartphone, while the second version has opened many new Android smartphone as HTC, Asus, Kyocera, ZTE, Xiaomi, ALIVE, Oppo, Pantech, Nubia, Sony, Lenovo and others. To become fully integrated with phones not Samsung we simply install a couple of apps and you’re done – don’t worry it’s a job for 5 minutes.

In fact, Samsung has stunned some everyone with her new smartwatches for kids, unlike the first watch is much nicer to see and wear – has a rotating bezel, and is already available in the Store of applications that can take advantage of this new feature of construction – beyond belief. For the Gear more than 1000 applications are already available, s2 and the number will increase in the coming months. This has been possible thanks to the partnership established by Samsung with a lot of other companies such as Nike and Twitter, by implementing a unique user experience – the services may vary from country to country but the main should be available also in Italy.

Third best smartwatch for Android smartphones

Sony Smartwatch 3

Sometimes we forget but the Sony smartwatch 3 is a Android Wear, besides being a GPS-enabled watch batteries. Sony has designed his third smartwatch for everyday life with the possibility of receiving notifications is to monitor a 360° sporting activity.

The smartwatch Android lets you read your messages, see your Facebook notifications and start the music player also gives us full access major messaging systems like Whatsapp, social media, news and music – favorite apps will always be synchronized with the smartwatch. We may also use voice commands to find everything we need, how to find the nearest restaurant or hotel.

The Sony Smartwatch 3 also has a WiFi system, which allows us to interact with the applications of our smartwatch instead of using the phone – we can then see notifications, reply to messages and much more, all from your wrist.

Needless to say the GPS built into the watch improves by far the monitoring features of this Sony wearable – we fill the smartwatch with our music and we go out for a run, on our way back we’ll find all the training data just synced and available. We can integrate the data with a wide range of applications for the health and welfare, such as LifeLof. Want more reasons not to awaken passions at Sony smartwatch 3?