The Best Trends for Engagement Ring

Meet good solutions for the jewel that symbolizes the commitment of the couple’s Union

Symbol of love and commitment of a couple, the engagement ring must fulfill two important missions: match the personality of the bride and follow beautiful for decades – as well as the romantic ideal of marriage, it should last “until death do us part”. We don’t have the intention, here, to give a recipe for the perfect wedding. But we can help in choosing the engagement ring.

In terms of precious stones, the traditional choice is the diamond. But there are many other options of gems such as emeralds, rubies, tourmalines, pearls, sapphires and turquoise, in solo version or combined with diamonds.

If the option is for the diamond, he has own criteria of evaluation, associated with the four “C” s: cut (cut); Clarity (purity); Color and Carat (carat weight). For details about this, go to another post, here. The four factors, together, will determine the price of the diamond. In aesthetic terms, however, the stoning is the main item. It defines not only the format, but, also, the brightness of the stone. In the jewelry market, the most common are stoning (also called stoning bright), Princess, triangular, Emerald and heart.

The choice of cut is too personal, but if the glitter tops the list of your priorities, the round cut is the ideal solution. She creates 56 or 57 facets harmonics and symmetrical, making the stone radiates light so spectacular. Below, you can see a frame with pictures of stoning or bright round and various other types.

According to, in the definition of the ring is metal color: Yellow-Gold Platinum, gold, there are several possibilities. Choose according to your personal taste. And remember that it’s okay to mix different metals jewelry, provided that there is a harmony of style among them.

With regard to the model of the ring, the most traditional is the Diamond Solitaire. Despite the name, it can come together with other smaller diamonds. A lot of people usually refer to this type of jewelry as ‘ diamond ring ‘, but, as already explained, bright is one of the types of diamond cutting.

Armed with all this information, you are ready to meet the main trends of 2017 for engagement rings (see here references greenery of engagement rings). See below, the selection of pieces that we did in some of the finest Jewelers in the Brazilian market.

New lonely

The lone rings appear in classical, minimalist and innovative versions. Among the new features are the multiple hoops or processed twisted, with textures and with inlays.