The Bustier: An Alternative to the Corset

The bustier is a female garment that is often confused with the corset, and while they have points in common, there are other elements that differentiate them. The bustier is something like a top with bra rings and creates an effect similar to the corset.

In terms of the elements common to the bustier and corset:

-Both are designed to be adjusted;

-They are low-cut, being common to both the neckline;

-You can take or not strapless.

As for the differences:

-The majority of bustier models incorporate hoops, because they are designed to be carried without a bra.

-The bustier lack of whales or rear lacing. Most are based on the idea of being a tight garment made in elastic and tight tissues.

In this summer season they have become to fashion the bustiers, for which we have an ideal opportunity to acquire an attractive model. It is an alternative lighter, and probably more fresh, that corset.

The interesting thing about this piece is that it is very versatile and can be combined as it can be combined with skirts of all kinds, whether they are tight or with flight, and also with pants.

I like particularly the idea of taking it with a skirt with a little flight to create contrast between the form-fitting at the top and the bottom flight.

You can find models with rings or hoops, depending on what make us more comfortable.

If you miss you back the idea of a garment so upwind in summer, try to search models in fabrics that guarantee good breathability (I refer you to the entry I made about fabric ideal for summer).

As for the bustier-style, to my personally I like are a bit long with short tops fashion. At the end they seem more elegant and that is can make them more. But there is always the option, if you do not want to show so much skin, take a short bustier with a high-waisted skirt.

You can find some interesting models like these at