The Classic Mechanical Watches

If you can say that portable computers in the form of clock are clocks, we can liken the situation with the phrase “Clock Strikes Back”. Phones and smartphones drove watches as a useful device from the hands of the people and wristwatches became mostly a prestigious personal accessory and demonstration of life status for a smaller group of users. One of the interesting facts proving the importance of the segment of smart watches is their acceptance not only as computers, computing power and practical utility, but also as a fashion accessory. Manufacturers more care to make them both elegant jewelry and practical devices because both things are important. Even now appear jewelry and stylish accessories for smart watches, which themselves are accessories. Actually, this is another approach to their classic mechanical watches. Even emerge hybrid proposals that combine the qualities of traditional hand tools and portable smart watches. A similar example is almost finished Kairos, which we have examined in detail in the news pages of Gizmoera.


Probably things in smart wearable technology, or at least smart watches will pobushuvat some time and will gradually settle down to resemble one moment exactly the situation in smartphones and tablets. Small manufacturers will try a smaller arena at first, but will have a chance only in hardware engineering. At some point, the lack of a software ecosystem of applications will force them to move into one of the camps where you have to obey any of the giants. There will be a rich hardware-software ecosystem around Android Wear, a small community about Tizen, sole platform for Apple (sole hardware and operating system and controlled but open App Store), and less ambitious simultaneity about becoming neodotsenenite (mobile technologies) Microsoft.

In a broader time period portable electronics were greeted with slightly cooler enthusiasm and has failed to provoke the necessary consumer hysteria, but in the last year (and some more) situation apparently changed. More and more experts from technology industry agree that maybe that their development will move again the IT sector rapidly upwards. So far, there are still problems to fix. Batteries processors (increasing need to develop specialized processors and chipsets to meet the specific needs of wearables), optimization of operating systems – these are inevitable stretches of road that must be completed to achieve smart watches its market maturity and success among other consumer electronics.

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The images in this article are from the blog of the Pebble, the official micro-sites product of the Samsung, the Samsung Mobile: Press, the official website of Sony SW2, the official website of LG G Watch and the official website Moto 360.