The Classic Pearls Used of Bold Way

The Pearl of Genesis collection combines daring and delicacy of classical shape. Some of the jewels have a modern design, that makes it even more special when dressed, check!

In the line of jewels which refers to the constellation of Orion, pearls and beads covered with diamonds seem to be suspended in the air thanks to the design of the ring, whose rims are lids half-closed in the top of the finger.

The same effect is seen in the pair of earrings in the shape of a half-loop, which brings a sphere of yellow gold with the precious detail of a diamond at one end and a Pearl on the opposite side. Versatile, the earring can be used with the Pearl or gold ball forward or backward, or with the two parties face down as if the ring serve of a pendulum for both.

The intriguing rings surrounding the planet Saturn appear represented in the form of two pairs of earrings with bold design. Governed by a gold star Noble, a Pearl suspended occupies the center of the earring, surrounded by yellow gold hoops that gravitate in different directions, as the movement of the face, creating a nice visual effect in Outlook.

The stars and planets of the Solar System are also seen in a pair of earrings in yellow gold three Pearl String follow the curvature of the ear and suspending a gold star Noble with diamonds, which gets stuck in the die of the jewel.

The bright star Sirius appeared in earrings made of Gold with diamonds and Pearl detail, soaring by female ear contemporary way.