The Essential Makeup

Never leave home without makeup. It’s a habit I’ve had since I was very young and that is already so rooted in my routine, I do it in a few minutes every morning. The trick is to know what are the best products for you and how to apply them. Then, just gain some practice, so as to be a natural gesture, how to take a shower to wake up.

After all, every woman has different needs, especially related to the type and the State of your skin as well as the imperfections you want to disguise. In my case, I have dark circles, so I’m looking for effective solutions to this problem.

Once you know what are the essential make-up, believes that is simple to make a natural makeup. In fact, you don’t need to have many products, just the basics. Try and see the difference: the skin tone more uniform achievement and bright, dark circles disappear almost by magic and the face gains a new shape and color.

step 1-skin Uniform

A good base is fundamental, because it will help standardize the skin tone and lighten the face. I prefer liquid bases, since I have a combination skin to dry, because they are easier to spread on the skin and you get a more natural look, avoiding the effect of “mask”. The trick is to choose a tone similar to that of your skin, so as not to notice the difference in color of the face to the neck. The fluid and light bases are also best suited for those with wrinkles, to prevent build up in the lines of the face.

One of my favorite bases and I use daily is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Base. Is a liquid base and light, without oil, which provides a long-term average coverage and give a natural appearance and velvety. Namely, is so thin that almost seems to have no makeup. The only downside is the price, which is a little high, and is only for sale at El Corte Inglés.

Those who have oily skin should opt for compact powder, instead of applying the base, or else choose a without oil (oil free).

As I mentioned earlier, my “Achilles ‘ heel” are dark circles, I always look tired and aged. So, I’ve tried almost all the solutions exist on the market. The great difficulty is to find a formula with a fine texture, but of high coverage.

The anti-dark circles in stick are almost magical, because they offer an excellent coverage, but the drawback is that it is a “layer” and when you put the loose powder on top, so as to secure your makeup throughout the day, tends to keep a dry aspect and create lines around the eyes.

The Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer SPF 10 Flawless Wear Estee Lauder is a good solution. The liquid formula and your thin offers a good coverage and is easy to apply. The HD Concealer from Make up Forever is also one of my favorites, because it has a very fine texture. The trick is to put thin layers and go retouching with the tip of the ring finger, depending on the depth of your dark circles, but no abuse. To illuminate this area, apply the concealer too near the eyebrow line and in the internal area of the eye.

In order to fix your makeup, apply loose powder or powder-translucent (messing less and can carry in your bag) then the base and the broker, with a wide brush. I use for several years now the loose powder Blended Face Powder and Brush of the Clinic to give a matte finish and natural, but there are several brands on the market.

step 2 – Make the contour of the Face

If you want to give a slightly Tan to your face, apply a bronzing powder just in your outline: namely, in the temple, under the cheekbones and jaw line, but never across the face. It is important to choose the right color for your skin tone, so as to be as natural as possible.

The True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer Powder Bronzer from Clinique is one of my favorites, why also gives brightness to the skin. Another economic alternative and equally good is the L’oreal Glam Bronze, with two shades to blend with the brush.

The blush is one of the products required to make that healthy air and must be applied on the cheekbones. A good trick is to smile and put in the highest zone with a specific brush. I love the Bourjois, with a wide range of natural tones, which have a compact format, a fine texture and are of good quality. In my case, I am brunette, I use the blush Bourjois sienne 85, which provides a pinkish hue.

step 3 – Enhance your eyes

After correcting the dark circles, it’s time to enhance your look, as it is the first point on the face for which people look. Nude shades are ideal for a gentle makeup. In this case, I recommend the shadows of Dior 5 Couleurs, which are excellent, lasts all day, don’t fall apart when you apply and each case has five different tones. Or the shadows from Urban Decay Naked (on sale at Sephora), dilute with approximately 12 shades. And believe that the investment pays off, because the shadows last a long time.

The first step is to put a shadow on the eyelid and champagne along the eyebrow line in order to illuminate and “open”. If you have time and patience, you can then put a shadow of natural tone: Brown, peach, bronze or pink, in the middle of the top or in the Arch of the eyelid.

The pencil can also help raise the look, but take a risk and discreet. The Brown can work better than the black, is it is so loaded. I love the Liner Stylo Eye Liner Bourjois, Brown in color, because it is soft, it is not necessary to sharpen and lasts all day, but always have a hand swab to touch up or remove excess.

Even if you don’t use Shadows or pencil, always apply a mask of eyelashes since it opens the eye and gives you more expressiveness. I’m a fan of the mask They’re Real Benefit (on sale at Sephora), as it gives more volume to lashes, making them look longer. If your eyelashes are very thin and clear, apply a second coat will make all the difference. Another alternative is the mask of Lancôme Hypnôse Drama to achieve a dramatic volume.

step 4-Hydrate and coloring the Lips

If you prefer a moisturizing formula and no color, so try the Carmex lip balm (available in drugstores), which is available in jar, stick or tube. Has a refreshing effect and keep your lips moisturized.

For those who like to use color on the lips, then has a plethora of options: in stick, pencil or gloss, depending on your taste. I prefer moisturizing formulas and nude colors for the day, because I don’t have the patience to draw the outline of the lips with a pencil and then fill it with lipstick, passing the day the retouch.

So I prefer a natural tone lip gloss, I put in a few seconds, just to give a shine to the lips, as is the case with Dior Addict Lip Gloss, which is available in several colors. If you prefer a more affordable solution, Kiko Milano also has the BB Lip Glaze, which is moisturizing, lightweight coverage and has an automatic pen applicator for greater accuracy.

The Essential make-up:

  • Fluid base
  • Corrector (for dark circles and marks)
  • Loose powder or Compact Powder
  • Nude Shadows
  • Eyebrow pencil (optional)
  • Eyelash mask
  • Blush
  • Bronzing powder (optional)
  • Lip balm Moisturizer (with or without color)

Nowadays, most of the fluff makes promotions and sale, such as Sephora and Perfumes and company, so enjoy the campaigns to buy discounted cosmetics products and monetize your budget.

I hope you enjoy my tips!