The “Facebook Phones” Are Completely Geared to The Cloud and Geolocation

Again, rumors of a brand Facebook phone. Well, instead of two, manufactured by HTC and ready to perform at the Mobile World Congress 2011. The last tip are running Moreover first specification: a software completely dependent on Internet and the storage in the cloud, and always on geolocation service.

According to City A.M., the British newspaper that gave the Nexus S, the Facebook exclusive phones will be smartphones high-end and colors of the social network; you have more details on Engadget. More interesting still is that they will be a modified version of Android to be integrated fully with Facebook. The guys at Boy Genius Report have received new information about this software, and we should pick it up with tweezers, but interesting enough to mention it here. We are going with the details.

Overtook him you before. Facebook phones are geared towards a permanent connection. The terminals will have very little memory storage: contacts and our data will be in the cloud. Even the photos we make will be uploaded automatically.

On the other hand, a geolocation service will remain running in the background beyond wherever we go. Thus, the phone can do automatic check-ins and share our location with friends (obviously under our approval).

But in addition phones us ask for our interests and send automatic alerts when we are near a store that you like. I understand that this is a form of advertising, so it could be worth as a way of subsidizing the price of the phone or 3 G connection (would sound naive?).

Notifications will neither look like Android. An Inbox will unify any type of notification, but you can sort by class. Also a popup will show a preview of the content of such notification when you reach the iPhone style.