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We have sent the new iPhone in the acoustics laboratory and test heard in detail. Conclusion: A change provides dramatically better sound-and that has to do anything with the player or the electronics.

Listening to music with the iPhone 3 G is now much more fun than before. This is not about an improved player software or high-quality electronic components, but simply because that Apple has bought a normal 3.5 mm jack to the new model.

The old iPhone sucks music lovers with a recessed in the housing socket fit into the only Apple headsets; the plug of normal headphones are usually too thick. But now, you can connect sound earplugs no carvings or other Heimwerkereien-and that dramatically improves the sound compared to the use of the supplied ear plugs. This is true not only for the iPhone, but for pretty much all MP3 players.

Readings: Prima
In the acoustics laboratory that was sovereign iPhone 3 G: the total harmonic distortion, a measure, whether the instrument louder setting tends to distortions, is sublime with 0.05% above any criticism. The very smooth frequency response shows that the new iPhone delivers the sound very neutral, default bass and treble be overemphasized nor dampened. Also the signal-noise ratio – a measure, how strong the signal (music) stands out from the background noise – is with just under 90 decibels in the green zone.

Only at the level of the signal weakens that iPhone 3 G something: the peak is located at 430 mV–it is not even a third of the level, the “old” iPhone with our measurement had won. A hearing test, then also revealed that the new iPhone sounds quieter, but it was subjective, even with the use of high-quality ironing headphones still loud enough.

The time in music mode (when switched on WLAN and UMTS module and Bluetooth turned off) amounted in practice over 24 hours. The display was however dark and there were nor phone calls, surf the Internet. In practice, you may expect that you must attach to the outlet every two to three days iPhone 3 G with moderate use.Compared to normal MP3 players that is often, but pretty normal for an MP3 cell phone.

Operation: Old strengths
Never change a winning team: the music player in the 3 g iPhone is apparently identical with the old model. This is just as well, because apart from the fact that Apple forces users to use iTunes to store music on the iPhone, there are hardly any criticisms of operation.Fun on the big screen just flip through albums with “Cover Flow”, and also long music lists are quickly scrolled through thanks to good attractive touchscreen with cool scrolling. Since however about this touchscreen is controlled, a blind user of the music player in the trouser or jacket pocket is almost impossible.

Speaking of pocket: compared to ‘normal’ MP3 players, that’s pretty heavy iPhone 3 G with 115 x 62 x 12 mm and less than 140 grams. For this it can be but also more…

Conclusion: Darn coupling
Through the freely accessible headphone jack iPhone 3 G is much better than music player than its predecessor. If you invest 25 to 30 euros in addition to the quite happ-price in better headphones, you significantly improve the already good sound experience. The acoustic measurements of the Apple music phones are fine, the operation of the music player is exemplary. Only real problem: the coupling to a fairly expensive mobile phone contract.

Who is actually quite happy with his cell phone, which can be instead of the iPhoneiPod touch put in. It provides also an excellent service with good touch and similar good readings as the new iPhone.