The Iphone Price Increase

At least until 1 September
Since this week the price increase of the subsidized iPhone at T-Mobile is decided. Interested in the small tariffs “Complete XS” and “Complete 60” are concerned. The new prices are now available in all T-Mobile stores and online orders. Why T-Mobile does this is easy to understand. It will be noted that customers of the small tariffs especially a favorable iPhone would like, the sales however remained out. From an economic point of view it is therefore all too understandable that T-Mobile re-adjusts and revises the subsidy prices. How this is perceived in the public is, however, on another sheet-positive PR looks different. But even in such a situation, there is a bright spot, because at Cyberport nothing changes at first…
Excluded from the price increases are currently all the dealers, which we, too, ie Cyberport counts. It is only from 1 September that we are also required to raise the prices accordingly to the new level. Until then, sparklers can still strike without hesitation. Here the price comparison in detail:

IPhone in the tariff Complete XS:

8 GB-Cyberport: 59.95 Euro; T-Mobile: 159.95 euros; Saving: 100 euros

16 GB-Cyberport: 129.95 Euro; T-Mobile: 249.95 euros; Savings: 120 euros

32 GB-Cyberport: 249.95 Euro; T-Mobile: 339.95 euros; Savings: 90 euros

IPhone in tariff Complete 60:

8 GB-Cyberport: 1 Euro; T-Mobile: 99.95 euros; Saving: 98,95 Euro

16 GB-Cyberport: 129.95 Euro; T-Mobile: 189.95 euros; Savings: 60 euros

32 GB-Cyberport: 249.95 Euro; T-Mobile: 279.95 euros; Savings: 30 euros

As you can see, the prospects of the Complete XS contracts are particularly beneficial to the present situation of the price difference. Why T-Mobile does this is not completely clear, you will get more information from

From a positive point of view, it could be understood as a kind of gift to the retailer, but from a realistic point of view it is much more a matter of contract details between dealers and T-Mobile. Anyway, we did not mind the “fugitives” with us take;-).