The Look Right: Navy with Denim Jacket

Most of the time we see the navy-inspired looks using pieces of cotton or linen, jeans is always reserved to the pants, but nothing prevents us from using a denim jacket to give an air of novelty to known visual nautical.

The Look Right: Navy with Denim Jacket

Why Does It Work?

The shade of blue of denim jacket contrasted nicely with the pants sand, giving a special emphasis to the texture of the worn denim, in a beautiful wash, incidentally. The Navy horizontal stripes shirt sets the tone of the combo and doesn’t go away in sobreposi, your fit is comfortable, but correct, giving a comfortable part. The pants are slim fit in the right spot, valuing the body without exaggeration and the low canvas sneakers has everything to do with the rest of the combination, oscillating between the city and the beach.

This costume is a good choice for pleasant weather or even warm days, with the exclusion of the jacket, of course!


fold trouser bar in the days of intense heat to air. A canvas strap watch is also inside the look and style is always a good addition. You can also exchange the jacket by denim shirt in the same wash and color, the effect will be very similar.

It Wouldn’t Be The Same If…

We replaced the striped shirt for a lisa, the combo wouldn’t call so much attention and would lose a little in style, though still be correct.

In Short:

Nautical looks also benefit the jeans;

A jacket in denim of contrasting color with another piece may be the key in any combination;

Leave the visual stripes more attractive;

The good fit need not, and should not be tight, you can be comfortable with a clothes adjusted to the body;

Canvas tennis travels between the city and the coast;

Canvas bracelet watches married well with the outfit;

Additional Tips:

For fat– the horizontal stripes don’t help you much, but with the jacket they lose effect reamer.

For short people– it might be better to sacrifice the contrast between the jacket and the pants using a chino Marino that will help to elongate the silhouette.

To altões– good look to you that is really loud, but to slice’s silhouette putting the shirt into the pants and using a belt of leather, canvas or cord.