The Looks-the Christmas Dress

I hope you have all the holidays good survived, and since been rich gifts. In my case both are true. Christmas Eve was quiet and beautifully in our family with tasty food, Loriot, way too much mulled wine and as much wrapping paper that I briefly lost my wine glass in between. Suitable for Christmas I had chosen a dark red velvet dress me at Missguided. The perfect contract for my green hair, chic, but still comfortable and with Golden accessories it looks really festive. Similar to I only that the 52 is large enough for a 54, the quality is equal to the price and the stuff really liked me say how the other Missguided can post. The dress is really very short, I’m just small 1, 63cm, but it might not be much shorter for me.

I hope you all survived the Christmas holidays well and spoiled with lots of gifts? I really can’t complain myself as I had a lovely family Christmas time with loads of presents and too much mulled wine. The perfect dress for that occasion what the red velvet Missguided + I what allowed to choose from their new collection. All I can say, I already said in my last post, I love the collection, as easily fits my size 24 26 body and I think the price is quit okay for the quality. My only concern would be that this dress really is hella short thinking about I am the only 1, 63 cm and it really couldn’t run shorter or you would see my butt.

After I wore it at the Christmas party at work and on Christmas Eve, I could photograph it yesterday morning at last. These short days and the gloomy weather, where it is somehow really bright, really not make easier for blogging this.
A Cape had to also be photo, even though I already have shown the good piece you, it is simply too great to show it here and there again. If it’s as cold as at the time I must consider now but still a Cardigan in between, because it draws other side but very pure.

I wore it for the christmas party at work with a gold clutch, and so on Christmas Eve at home. Yesterday I what finally able to take some pictures.

By the way, the chain is a very special treasure, my brother and his girlfriend gave me for the birthday. And since I since evening, and thus verbundneen Weihnachtsgeschekn Zelda Twighlight Princess, am Holy I eh in Hyrule mood and the chain fits there perfectly and can be and my little nerd hearts beat faster.

Necklace is the so special to me, my little brother and his girlfriend gave it to me, and it really makes my nerd heart flutter. Especially as I am totally in the Zelda reeling and I spend most of my Christmas time saving Hyrule!