The Maternity Outfit

Today I will show you the “outfits” that Manu used in maternity. I took some things da Bruna because these clothes are expensive and you practically does not use more later. Even so, I think it’s worth investing in at least 2 beautiful clothes as it is the most important moment of your life, and I’m sure you’ll want to present your small to visits with a costume fit for a moment so striking.
And this is the time to wear it so well after that, just comfortable and practical clothes.

Usually mom and baby are on average 3 to 4 days in the maternity ward. So I consider ideal have a 4 for the main and 2 days ‘ reserve ‘ options if you have to stay more days, or if his diaper leaks.
The “Kit” baby diary is always fitted with the following parts:

-1 Clothes of wool, yarn, or knit plush (fabric depends on the season)

-1 Body long sleeve with embroidered golinha (if you don’t have golinha on clothing). The embroidery is by account and like mom!

-1 pants with feet, also call bed-wetter or outer thighs.

-1 pair of socks

-1 knitting or wool blanket

In my case, as I have already had some blankets, one for each day, but if you have 3 basic colors and plaids that combine with all models of clothes, is more than enough.

So come on, this was the first day of the Manu:

The yellow for first day has become tradition in Brazil. This color means life, luck and prosperity. I used the same clothes that was da Bruna is a knitting jumpsuit with sleeves with pleats and a body with embroidered collar. The blanket knitting white also. All custom-made by Augusta Mahfuz. (at the end will give all contacts!). The pants are also her foot.

This is a kit ready to deliver the envelope to the nurse in the maternity ward and dress the baby, with all the items inside. Anyone who wants to can identify with a label on the day the baby will use because some hospitals already take all the kits in the first day. In my case the nurse was picking every day before the shower.

Most stores already sell maternity clothes with these envelope bags. I think it’s essential to protect clothing and avoid love, since we usually leave everything ready and clean with a certain advance.
Second day-Pink:

This clothes when I saw on Paola da Vinci was in love. I found a beautiful blanket with Ruffles. I prefer for girls clothes 2 pieces, because you take more if your baby grow quickly and can use the separate parts. This outfit and the blanket are woolen, that only works for babies that are born in the winter. I had on Augusta Mahfuz the body with the collar of lace and flowers equal.

Third Day-White:

On no day Bruna used white, so for a change chose this little yarn, 2 parts also Paola da Vinci , and did the body with collar and embroidered handle on Augusta Mahfuz. Have you noticed that I love a ruffled golona?! I think that graces the baby more than the common collars. Of course this model just for girls.

I arranged the set with a wool blanket, also from Paola da Vinci, which I consider an item indispensable in a hope chest. Goes with everything and is that blanket more tidy for when you go out with the baby. Worth having this white model 1 because you can use it on almost all days of motherhood.

Fourth and last day: Red

Red is used on the last day because it means good energy and protect the baby against the evil eye.

At least that’s what they say! I took the little onesy da Bruna and that Yes, it was a good option to use later. Is plush with just the chest and embroidered collar. More practical for day to day. I opted for some details in red clothes, who is from Augusta Mahfuz. The manta is of First Impressions (American brand that sells in Macys) and both have spoken here on the blog. Bought by Ebay and is all in plush with some roses.

But the clothes took the bows RN of Laçaroty necklace:

In the back of the baby also add 4 birthday suit and shoulder so 4 more cute. Because you use to put over the clothes of the guests who want to get the baby on your lap.

Now the contacts:

  • Paola da Vinci–click HERE
  • Augusta Mahfuz-our site or 11 3755-1143
  • Laçaroty for Neonates–click HERE
  • RN–Socks Puket
  • First Impressions @ Macys–Click HERE
  • Maternity–Flávia Carvalho Pinto Bags- HERE