The Miracle of Makeup, Models With and Without

Now that technology has developed a number of programs that allow you to fix photos, often models that we see as beautiful and perfect in photos from magazines perhaps are not so much in real life.

This is not to say be the case of all the models, because clearly there is a large majority which are always beautiful and need not support any retouching or much make-up to look good and glamorous.

According to information from, there are many cases in which a good hair and perfect makeup much change the appearance, and you can see that most clearly in the photos are below. It is not an attempt to criticize the models or anything like that, is to simply show a reality, and a mode so all we realize that not everything we see is real has many times perfection is achieved through much extra work that is not revealed.

The most important thing is that we are all beautiful and that honestly, if my me makeup as to these models, I also was much better. Perhaps with these pictures we need to realize that not everything that is considered natural beauty is equally valued in society.