The Models of Bikinis That are Going to Bomb

Girls, spring is coming and nothing better on a hot day than jumping into a pool and cooling off! An indispensable item to ensure fun is the bikini. That’s why we separate the models that will be the hits of the season! Use and abuse your outfits and go to the beach or club!


The trend of the color block (vibrant colors combined) is very strong for summer 2012 and also reached the bikinis. Bet without fear in pink shock, orange, lime green! You will not go wrong.


Girls who have little breast will be able to use and abuse the models will take-what-fall! They are still strong in summer 2012 and come in a variety of formats: horizontal strip with no marking or with a curvy on the top or with curves on both sides that give an extra charm in production according to BOMBEBIKINI.

A strong trend of the season is the high waist panties. She fell in the taste of the stylists and I was present in almost every fashion week parade. We, Brazilians, usually like the smaller models, but for those who like the vintage style, the model is perfect. In addition, it gives a superelegant air and is more comfortable than the traditional bikinis with side bow.

But for those who love the model of bow on the side, you can stay calm, it continues!


Together with the strong colors, the floral and geometric prints are also the hit of the season. The animal print leaves the clothes and shoes and goes to the bikinis. Tribal prints are also welcome.


Already it was: hang gliders and dental floss.


You can still complete the visu with a jewelry when the print is smooth or with a straw hat!