The Most Battery Consuming Thing on Your Smart Phone!

Although smart phones have had an incredible resource revolution over the past nine years, the battery life of this type of device is still a rock in the shoes of the industry’s engineers.  Since they have not yet found a component to make the batteries last longer, the way was to launch accessories that allow your phone to stay connected longer: basically auxiliary batteries and covers with auxiliary batteries. In addition, establishments in general tend to also place a number of outlets so you do not get on hand when charging your cell phone. 

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Let’s agree that walking with a bunch of accessories or relying on outlets to keep our smart phone running is not the most enjoyable thing. However, there is a simpler and more practical way to make your phone active for most of the day: check what actually consumes energy in your device, especially the screen, the item that most demands energy”efforts.”

The joke you read below – very good by the way – was extracted from a tweet that portrays a reality that would be comical if it were not tragic: the battery of most smart phones usually runs out at a speed that makes us wonder if we’re handling a Telephone or a mobile hydroelectric plant.

Screen: use sparingly

Yes, we know you enjoy seeing photos, movies, and running applications on a bright, colorful screen and with everything else your smart phone offers. Nice! But you do not need to keep the screen in”FullMehaHIperHD” mode 100% of the time. Will the battery continue to consume power? Yes. But in a much smaller way.

Watch how your screen performs

Android offers a very handy feature for you to see how many the screen on your smart phone is charging on the battery. Go to Settings> Battery and check the percentage of power consumption the screen is responsible for. In the case of my smart phone(a Zenfone 5 , from Asus), the display is in second place in the ranking and accounts for 17% of the spend(of a total of 7h and 21m with the active smart phone).

If you want to know more about this consumption, click the”Screen” option and you will see how much time the battery has consumed the display. For example, from a total of 7h and 21m with my phone on, the battery consumed 1h 6m, or 17% of the battery consumption.

And if you think that spending is excessive, simply adjust the use of energy. Click on the”Screen” option and reduce the brightness of the screen or select the”Auto Brightness” mode:

Or set how long the device should remain active before it goes into sleep mode:

Is that you? Tell us what your tricks are to make sure the screen does not drain the battery in a short time. Just write in our comments space below.