The Most Interesting Smart Watches From CES

CES 2015 is over and as each year brought us a lot of interesting devices. We decided that we bring several parts Summary Week, dedicated to CES. In this section we will focus on the most interesting smart watches and bracelets that were on this year’s CES introduced.

Garmin Fenix ​​3, Epix and Vivoactive

Interesting watch brought by Garmin, which is known for GPS smartwatch. The first of the trio presented watches – Fenix ​​3 contain a huge amount of features. As the only type of this trio have a round display. They contain a GPS system and sensors, such as a barometer, compass and pedometer. These watches will be useful to measure your physical activity and navigate on a route. It means for example that if you go jogging on the smartphone can mark out the route that you show to watch and watch you while running measured eg. Your speed and elevation. When going for a swim, so you watch Fenix ​​3 will measure how much do temp. They are waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. It is therefore a great helper in life, and I watch all presented like the most. You will not, however, only a sports watch, will you display messages and notifications from your smartphone. Thanks to the platform, Connect IQ can look forward to applications from third-party developers. They will be available in several variants – the cheapest price starts at $ 500.

Second watch bearing the name Epix are mainly focused on GPS navigation which will be available in offline mode (no phone in the watch). The watch will have 8 gigabytes of storage that will come in handy, because for offline navigation must have downloaded map. With the purchase also receive map updates for free . Like the first watch even these contain some sensors and platform Connect IQ. The basic version will cost $ 500 for the version with topographic maps, you pay $ 600.

Third watches are called Vivoactive and will be the most resemble normal smart watch. You’ll be able to check notifications, calls and messages on your smartphone, but it still get many of the features known from the fitnessbracelets to measure not only your sporting activities. The watch will measure the route running, how do pushups or measure the duration of your sleep. These watches will be the cheapest of the trio, will come to $ 250 and a version with sensor pulse at $ 300.

All devices in this trio will contain its own operating system. The phone can connect them using Bluetooth and Garmin Connect. They will be compatible with Android and iOS.

PhoneBloks Blocks

Remember when called upon. Project Ara ? Something in that style will bring a unique smart watches Blocks. The point is that you can choose according to the watch function called. Modules that can assemble tape. You can plug in a GPS module, a module slot for the SIM card sensor, pulse and other modules. Simply put – you can watch function according to what you need at that moment.

LG Audi (W120L)

New from LG has been developed in collaboration with Audi. Watch look like a premium version G Watch R, from which it differs in that a feed of WebOS operating system instead of Android Wear. Prosřednictvím devices will be able to control the system inside your Audi or unlock it using NFC. Some websites about these watches refer to as LG W120L, but probably it is only a model name.The sales name is not known. These watches are classified as one of the nicest, which were introduced at CES.

Montblanc e-Strap

Model e-Strap from Montblanc is original in that it is the two devices on the same tape. On the tape are as normal digital watch, as well as separate information OLED display on its “bottom” side, which will display notifications, messages and calls and measure your activity. You will be able to control it via the music player or camera

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Alcatel us these watches introduced shortly before the start of CES. They have a sleek look and the price should be low. They look just like the Motorola Moto 360 and some sites are referred to as a clone of these watches. Like those from Motorola also have these watches a blank space at the bottom of the screen, so the display is not completely round. However, they differ from them in that they do not have a system for Android Wear, but will have its own OS.

OneTouch Watch how you will work with Android and iOS. You will be able to control through application of Alcatel. Of the features we can mention must pedometer, counting calories burned, heart rate measurement and sleep, player control, camera and view notifications. The choice will be either rubber or metal tape.

As we have already written, the watch will be affordable. The price should be € 99 (nearly 3,000 dollars) – which is interesting price compared to competitors.The market should come in March.

Lenovo Vibe Band VB10

Very cheap smart bracelet Lenovo. It will cost only $ 89. It features a screen with e-ink technology, thanks to which you will be sure that notifications and reports you will see clearly even in bright sunlight. The equipment will be (as well asother  smart watches) measure vašit activity, but also offer a connection with a mobile phone via Bluetooth and vodělodolnost to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. You’ll also be alerted when you do not have your smartphone with you.You can either choose between black, silver or gold color fitting display. The strip will have more variation.

From this part of the special summary of the week’s all. Be sure to look also look at the second part, in which you can read about the new phones from CES and other interesting facilities.