The New Apple Iphone (5): Bigger, Slimmer, Better

The rumored kitchen boils and the Samsung Galaxy S3 puts Apple under pressure

The New Apple Iphone (5): Bigger, Slimmer, Better
The day when the earth stands still. He will come, but not until 21.12.2012. After the first lucky Android fans can hold their new Samsung Galaxy S3 in their hands, the iOS fans are eagerly awaiting the new Apple iPhone (5).

 Final delights will only come when CEO Tim Cook, successor of the deceased Steve Jobs, enters the stage and proudly presents the details.Until then, a lot of blogs put themselves into the belt, in order to keep the flames of the rumored kitchen further. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows who wants to get new information about design or chipset. Time for us to gather the latest information. As always without guarantee.
It is seething and every day the identical offer from the kitchen chef: rumors

It is the usual procedure. There are blueprints and photos. A little later, the first, slightly blurred and blurred video in the net follows and already freak out all. Do we see the new Apple product here? Already weeks or months before the official performance? So why should it be different with the new Apple iPhone than in the past? Finally, the competition also cuts off a slice of Apple’s marketing strategy and sells new product presentations, such as the Galaxy S3.

At Macotakara and MacRumors emerged now the blueprints to show the new iPhone from Apple.

Building plans are already something great, but the layman can not really imagine what has been put on paper. Even better, if there are computer artists like Toby from iTopnews , who design elaborate 3D models on the computer.

Designers are booming: The new Apple iPhone could look like this

Other models have been designed by two French designers, Antoine Brieux and Antonio De Rosa . Let’s see which of the two men came closest to the final design of the new iPhones.

Of course, the two French are not the only ones who are thinking about the new design of the iPhone 5 and squat in front of computer. The American blog Cult of Mac has assembled more ideas in a gallery in the middle of May. Beside the pictures of the French designers there are also further designs.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 at eye level: Larger display & slimmer figure

The Japanese colleagues from Macotakara posted the following video on YouTube. Does it show the dimensions of the new iPhone? Is the display really bigger? If this is the case, Apple will clearly follow the new S3 and give the app programmers more space to unfold. But there is more room for mobile websites as well. In addition, you can enjoy on a larger display significantly better videos.

In fact, rumors are gathering around a larger display. It will probably be a 4-inch multi-touch retina display in 16: 9 format, maybe even a 4.5-inch display. According to news agency Reuters , Sharp supports Foxconn in the production of the displays.

With a larger display, it will soon be clearer on the iPhone display. Even if you pack most apps in folders, you hardly get a screen. And already the search begins each time anew.Where was now the app with the best information on the most delicious restaurants in New York? Like me, and many other users certainly, this request is annoying. We want a larger display with more space!

The catwalk models the same, but it is not only the perfect size but also the proportions.Consequently, it is to be assumed that the new Apple iPhone is noticeably thinner. It may not come quite to the 7.2 mm of the Apple iPod touch, even if some pages want to have learned from safe sources. But a few millimeters more would also be okay, after all, the technical components will be accommodated.

Powerful and faster: new chip, new graphics and LTE

The beta to iOS 6 has betrayed it. The colleagues from 9to5Mac could already test them and wanted to discover details about the technical inner life of the new iPhone. According to rumors, a new Samsung 5L8950X-ARM processor does the main work. Of course, Apple will sell the chipset as A5-*** or A6. It is believed to be a dual-core model, manufactured in the 32nm process. Dual-core? Actually not enough to be able to compete seriously with the competitors, right? That’s why I’m typing on a powerful quad-core. As a GPU a SGX543RC * chipset is to be used, which is not officially available to buy. As far as memory is concerned, it is rumored that 1 GB of RAM would be used.

Note: In order for Apple not to close the source of the insider for future news, the numbers marked with * have been removed by 9to5Mac.

But what is the use of the fastest smartphone when a lame internet connection gets a mess?For this reason, a Qualcomm LTE chip will make the new Apple iPhone fit for mobile data traffic. Will we be in Germany? Let us surprise you.

More details: Liquid metal, smaller dock connector connector, Pico projector, Siri 2.0…

Liquid metal. What can we imagine. In any case, a more valuable case than the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is the case. More will be shown only when we hold the new Apple iPhone in the hands.

Whoever has pulled the idea out, I do not believe in a narrower dock connector. Why? Apple has created a standard with the 30-pin dock connector. Of course you have changed this a few years internally also times, so that some sound systems after an adapter. Without new iPods simply no longer loaded or played. But why would it be made narrower? The bottom edge of the current Apple iPhone is quite well divided. Left and right the two speakers, in between the dock connector connector. Apple will not install larger speakers in the new iPhone.

The Pico Projector. An interesting solution, but perhaps too much of the good? Who knows, but a direct way to throw content directly from the iPhone to the wall, would be imaginable, whether photos, film or keynote presentation. There are already projectors in the pocket format. For example, the Optoma Pico PK-201 mini projector just measures 118 x 61 x 17 mm.It is quite imaginable that Apple is also a mini-projector in the new iPhone.

Siri was on everyone’s lips. Siri became the new friend of many iPhone 4S users. Suddenly you saw people talking to their smartphone and also receiving an answer. Samsung jumped on the train with its Galaxy S3 and S-Voice, but the technology was by no means as big a conversation as Siri. Time, therefore, to present the next Siri and to place the competition before a new hurdle.

A topic that has so far hardly received attention: the battery. The fact is, the battery needs to be more powerful. Motorola makes it with the RAZR MAXX . 3.300 mAh is a real house number and ensures that the displeasure over empty batteries. So you do not have to keep your smartphone constantly within reach of a power outlet and hope that the smartphone does not go out before going to the juice.

Steve Jobs involved in the development of the new Apple iPhone

Even if Apple founder Steve Jobs is no longer among us, he should nevertheless have played a significant part in the development of the new iPhones. This is what Bloomberg’s branch office reports . Apple certainly did not start the development of an iPhone 4S successor with the release of the same and thus Jobs will have played a decisive key role in the development of the next smartphone overflyer.
Maybe we’ll see or hear jobs at the next keynote.

Let us sum up the technical information:

Display: 4 inch to 4.5 inch Retina Widescreen OLE Display
Chip: Dual Core or Quad Core A6
Wireless: 4G LTE
Camera: 10 Megapixel, f/2.4, 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames/second (Rear), 2 megapixels, 480p VGA video at 30 fps (front)
Material: Liquid metal housing, narrow aluminum frame
Color: Black and White
Height: 115.2mm to 116.2mm
Width: 58 , 6 mm to 59.4 mm
Depth: 7.1 mm to 7.9 mm
Special features: Virtual home button, built-in Pico projector

When can a delivery date be expected?

Information from Apple is not yet available. Since we have reached already in early June, this is probably 99 percent as the start date for the new iPhone. More likely is autumn. Probably the month of September. At the beginning of the month, the new iPods were introduced, which will lose their importance. In addition, the new Apple iPhone would arrive in time for the best sales season: the Christmas business. So you can put the iPhone on the top of your wish list.

Note: Of course, as is common in the rumored kitchen, there is no evidence that the pictures and videos actually correspond to the new iPhone. Especially with the pictures of I have my doubts, because the black film / front you can build yourself too fast. Nail us not fixed, if the new iPhone does not look like or other technical features of Apple gets missed. As is said so beautifully: All data without guarantee. And up to the Apple iPhone 5 or the new iPhone, we still enjoy the iPhone 4S. On the left you should not let this happen.