The Order Makes It: To Succeed in Perfect Makeup

The correct order of beauty products is crucial for optimal makeup: we explain how the best result with Foundation, achieve Rouge and co.

The order makes it: to succeed in perfect makeup

The Order Makes It: To Succeed in Perfect Makeup


Front: Cream (cream)
Then: Use Foundation

The name suggests already in the correct order. A makeup base is applied under the Foundation, but on the usual day care. Most serum-like formulation reduces dryness wrinkles and perfected the skin’s appearance. Are you like that? Spread a thin layer of creamy texture like an easy to maintain with the fingertips in the face according to entertainmentdns. Thanks to special polymers small lines and fine wrinkles are filled by the base visually. Caution, these makeup mistakes should be avoided!


Front: Check with tonic
Then: Down powders

BB creams, so blemish balm creams, they are real multi-talents – combine the advantages of a moisturizer, Foundation, concealer and sunscreen in one product. So, you need no additional treatment cream. Who wants to also fix the BB cream or shine less, then applying some powder.


Front: Cream (cream)
Then: Apply Foundation

If you have dark circles or pigmentation, can mitigate them before applying the Foundation with a concealer. DAB the Foundation then the best with a small sponge from the inside of the face outward. When the dark circles or blemish through still shine, you can put to after the Foundation of some extra concealer.


Front: Apply Foundation
Then: Down powders

Differently than powder Rouge (it is only that the powders after) cream Rouge is spotted on already after the Foundation. So, connects the color with the Foundation and is not stained. This can happen when you first dabs on cream Rouge after the powders. The cream version is incidentally not frosted with a tinted powder, but fixed transparent powder only with a touch. A certain gloss is quite desirable.