The Post-Holiday Syndrome: Prevent And Overcome

By now, surely you will be many that you may already at the computer, preparing to go to work or returning home assignments. And, let’s face it, at this stage of summer just some still continue to enjoy your holiday.


If the finished your holiday you are irritable to return to the office, you have the feeling that you can not with your life, do you manage to sleep and magnificent the situation to the point of believing that you’re just happy out of the routine, it is likely that suffer from post – holiday depression syndrome. This condition is not considered a disease and is more common in women than in men. If you are close to rejoin your duties in this post we explain how to prevent and overcome post – holiday depression.


What is the post-holiday syndrome?

The post – holiday depression is that feeling of sadness after the days of rest that makes the person feel denial at the time of rejoining the routine. It can cause stomach upset, insomnia, anxiety, negative emotions, frustration and irritability. View for best ladies sportswear.

The post – holiday syndrome  does not affect us all equally.

This is usually an adjustment reaction that does not exceed two weeks. However, if after that time there is no improvement, perhaps it is time to go to your doctor.

The post-holiday depression is more common in women because of hormonal changes and lifestyle we lead. This is because most of the time women do not get a period of absolute holiday to have to keep running the house and taking care of the children (albeit in a different environment), so when we joined work we rested less and we feel overloaded. For our circumstances, the total disconnect on vacation is more difficult to achieve.

How to prevent and overcome post-holiday depression

  1. To prevent post -holiday depression is advisable todivide the holidays instead of taking them all at once. This allows you to make several breaks throughout the year, it will prevent you saturate pressure and can better manage stress and balance your emotions.
  2. When you take your holidaydisconnect from thetruth , nothing to be maintaining contact with your coworkers or task you thinking what remained pending your return. Body and mind must travel together and not separately.
  3. Do not stretch your holiday until the end.Instead of returning a Sunday do on a Friday or Saturday so you can become familiar with the routine and schedule.
  4. To overcome the post -holiday depression should try, as far as possible, that your first day isnot too busy , do light activities like organizing your tasks, check your email and scheduling meetings a week.
  5. To lessen the effect of post -holiday syndrome, contact your friends to know about them, catch up with what has happened in your absence and disconnect a little souvenir of your holiday.
  6. A little trick that may not know?Thefoods high in Vitamin B are especially recommended at this time, and many psychologists are prescribed as infallible formula. Attention to dairy and legumes, egg, beef and chicken, grains or vegetables. You’d help!


  1. If during the holidays do not have time for your personal efforts, is not doing them right back to work.Defer a bit that commitment will allow you to reduce stress and overcome post-holiday depression.
  2. Take advantage ofthe free time : Okay, you ‘re back to work. But what about the rest of hours a day? In order to squeeze the most of the summer, continues to leverage the trips to the beach whenever you can, and do not abandon those canes and refreshments with your friends. The day has many hours and, thank God, not all spent in our job. Aim to take advantage of what remains of summer and good weather. It is a question of attitude!
  3. Take it easy: it will seem obvious, but you’d be surprised to know that about 75% of Spaniards suffer episodes of stress or anxiety at different levels when returning to work.How can I tomárnoslo more calmly?With little tricks. For example, as far as possible, try not rejoin a Monday your job. It is shown that it is a day marked by low spirits! In addition, and in order not to burden of work and stress from your arrival, try not to notice that puedas- -always everyone. Thus the return will be much more gradual. Also, you should be aware that this is a passenger and that in a few days you will find much better condition, so avoid giving more importance to the issue than it deserves.
  4. Generate endorphins. It is shown that, at present, lack of energy and even post – holiday syndrome manifest physically, making you feel low energy, sleep all day and grouchy in general. What to do? Generate endorphins. Some tricks to do is take advantage of daylight hours (provided with adequate protection, of course), do some sport or enough sleep. That easy.


  1. Avoid complaining about your joband think how useful it makes you feel. Complaining only increase your unwillingness to work and feel more depressed.
  2. Make balance,defined goalsand go for it: If still, and after a while prudence, especially listless feeling continue, it might be time to make a personal examination. It is work the problem? Devises a plan to get a better life or promote yourself in your company. If what happens is that you’re bored, you investigate and decides what you can do to feel better. You’ve been wanting to sign up for dance classes or those wanting to try these recipes pastry …. Whatever it is, find out what can make you happier, get motivated, and then go for it! You have a year ahead and, instead of putting it as an accumulation of obligations, it might be time for him plantearas as a year full of adventures possible. It’s up to you!