The Shrinking Jeans Pant

You remember that last week I told you that I sent some clothes to reform? This leads, left that beautiful skirt (that was a dress) and some cositas more than I was showing in homeopathic doses. Well, here I am to show another shot. This dose in question, in fact, was my favorite. A wide that I bought on Asos, by a precinho super charming thinking it was going to tear down, use the hell out of me and I was wrong. I took a few times and Cabinet several times, I thought I’d put the Sissy in the crate of the Sick. I don’t know if you remember her, but here are some photos to refresh your memory. antiguinhos

Remembered? Beautiful, huh? Because it is used some 4 times I think. And in three years, will agree that it is very little.

I was almost giving up on her. After all, what can you do with a wide? Behold the sets goes around and brings us solutions even for things that we didn’t think had solution. I had a long wide I wasn’t wearing much because he felt too formal. There fashion comes and brings me to idea of short trousers and I fall in love with her. And so was born a transformation.

The wide lost a few feet of fabric and I won a play all new. Charming, funny and fresh as the summer. Still perfect for work, but without the formality that the longest was wide.

And, since the idea was a work look, I used to rescue another piece that was standing in the closet: this shirt with collar of clown (doesn’t it?). She has a very small wear and super soft and, despite being a social shirt, just giving a more feminine touch pro look.

Feet, open white boot. I love the fact that she’s a shoe half open and hot all at the same time and I think it complements very well a wide which is also “half open/half-heavy”.

And there? Already inspired to transform any piece in your closet too?Soon I step over a dose of homeopathy here.