The Story of the Yellow Boots of Timberland

Despite having become an icon of fashion, the history of the Yellow Boots of Timberland is intimately linked to the american workers and their needs in the busyness of day-to-day, which is not surprising when we talk about classic pieces of the wardrobe male, as functionality and resistance are common in this context.

The Story of the Yellow Boots of Timberland

Innovative Technology

The big turning point for the creation of this footwear was in 1965 when the family Swartz, then the owner of The Abington Shoe Company, which would later be renamed Timberland, introduces the injection molding, something completely new in footwear manufacturing, a technology that allowed the production of soles in such a way that they could be united hermetically to the uppers of leather (nubuck) making the shoes waterproof.

The creation of Yellow Boots

It was then that Sidney Swartz had an idea: create a boot leather tough and functional, which would meet the needs of manual laborers. The lumberjacks from New England, in the northeast of the USA, were the main target audience, because the climate of the place was that they often face the snow and rain.

In 1973, arrives in stores a boot nubuck yellow robust and fully water-proof with the brand Timberland (land of wood, in English), offering assurance to your buyers, something unheard of in the footwear market. It was so successful that in 1978 the Abington Shoe Company was renamed the Timberland , and this footwear became the basis of the company.

Success in men’s fashion

To the Yellow Boot become an element of fashion there was only a push, and this was given by the paninaros, young italians who in the 80’s have adopted it as a style element. The expansion of Timberland to Italy was a matter of time, so that his fame reached levels in the world shortly after that.

In the 90’s, rappers and other pop artists began to enter the Yellow Boots on your visual, that has further increased the desire in young people to own their own pair.

The iconic design of the Yellow Boots won as much workers as fashionistas, and today, it is easy to find it at a rock concert, in a fashion editorial or on the feet of someone who works hard. The 80 steps of the production, joining 39 components, shows that the excellence of the Timberland in your shoes received due recognition. Being copied throughout the world, but never equaled, today it shows as versatile and youthful as the day they came to a stop at the foot of the Italian and university students.

Where to purchase the Yellow Boots of Timberland?

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