The Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab E

He  Samsung  has a policy of”more is better” and, therefore, the company tends to launch a product for every possible market segment. So, nothing more natural than trying to slow the growth of small brands of tablets with a low-cost device and reasonable performance for its price. We are talking about the Galaxy Tab E .

The device was built with very simple components to make the price as attractive as possible. So you can find the WiFi version of Tab E for up to $ 359. Still, from what it delivers, a fairer price would be something around $ 300. If you can find that tablet by that amount, it’s worth It’s worth considering putting it on your shopping list. Check out why.


This Samsung tablet was built around a Spreadtrum SC8830 processor, an unusual choice for Korean. The chip has four cores running at 1.3 GHz and in parallel we still have 1 GB of RAM. This combination is able to handle virtually all of the most basic everyday tasks such as surfing the web, using social networking apps and playing basic games and even some middlemen.

In our tests, we were able to run Leo’s Fortune , Rayman Jungle Run and Riptide GP2 without any performance issues. Of course, all these titles had their graphics capabilities reduced due to the maximum resolution of the screen, and this ends up making them”lighter” for the Mali-400 GPU.


Talking more specifically about the screen, it is a TFT panel with WSVGA resolution(1024×600). On its diagonal, it measures 7”(178 mm), which generates a density of 169 pixels per inch. Only with these numbers, you can see that the display is not very impressive, and you can actually see the marks of the pixels without much effort.

Still, what really bothers you is the combination of brightness and viewing angles. If you are not looking at the screen at 90 °, you will certainly begin to notice some strange colors here and there. The more inclination, the more distortion. It is also worth mentioning that there is a thick black border framing the entire display, which does not contribute to the overall aesthetic, especially in the white model in Boothbuying.Com.


The battery of 3,600 mAh of Galaxy Tab E is quite reasonable, having a performance similar to that of a very small smartphone. In our tests, we were able to do away with your entire load in just 4 hours and 32 minutes while running a video on YouTube. This test was done with the WiFi on and with the brightness of the screen at most.

That may be enough for those who use the device more for fun at home, such as children and poorly advanced users, but should not satisfy anyone who is really looking for good autonomy and mobility.

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In this regard, Samsung decided to embark on Galaxy Tab E just the essentials. We have two 2 MP cameras, both low performance and with fixed focus. You can use these two sensors for video calls quietly, but for photos and videos, things get more complicated.

It is very difficult to deal with any more challenging lighting situation – like shadows, warm light and backlight. You just can not balance the differences, and the pictures end up with very solid or grainy areas. Still, you can not expect more than that on tablets in this price range. In fact, it’s interesting that the brand has not deleted the front camera at once.

For video recording, the images look very strange because the resolution drops to VGA(640x480p). Under these conditions, everything gets blurred, and color capture can not really represent reality.

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For a low-cost tablet, the Galaxy Tab E has an intermediate speaker. It can be minimally faithful to the more neutral tones, but it distorts the more extreme ones with ease. So if you make the volume louder, you may hear some strange noises. The problem is that the maximum volume is not really high. Overall, for those who will just play and run short videos on the web, there should be no major difficulties.


It is in this aspect that the Galaxy Tab E further demonstrates that it really is a competitor of the input market. It has a design very similar to the Samsung devices launched in 2014, but it is possible to notice that the materials used in it are much simpler.

That traditional hard plastic that imitates metal at the edges gave way to a simple white band, and even the buttons seem more”cheap”, especially the front, which makes a strange noise whenever it is tight.


To perform this analysis, we submitted Tab E to five benchmark applications. They are: 3D Mark (Ice Storm Unlimited), AnTuTu Benchmark 5 , Basemark X , GFX Bench(T-Rex HD Off Screen and T-Rex HD On Screen) and Vellamo Mobile Benchmark (HTML 5 and Metal).

3D Mark(Ice Storm Unlimited)

The 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited test is used to make direct comparisons between processors and GPUs. Factors such as display resolution may affect the final result. The higher the score, the better the performance.

AnTuTu Benchmark 5

One of the most highly regarded benchmark applications in its class, AnTuTu Benchmark 5 tests interface, CPU, GPU and RAM. The results are summed and generate a final score. The higher the score, the better the performance.

Basemark X

Basemark X focuses on measuring the graphics quality of the devices. Based on the Unity 4 engine, the app applies high-density testing, showing which of the devices performs best in running games. The higher the score, the better the performance.

GFX Bench(T-Rex HD)

The GFX Bench is aimed at measuring the graphic quality. This includes items such as performance stability, rendering quality, and power consumption. The results are revealed in average frames per second(fps). The higher the score, the better the performance.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark applies two tests to the device: HTML5 and Metal. The first one evaluates the performance of the mobile phone in direct access to the internet via browser. In the Metal test, the final number indicates the performance of the processor. The higher the score, the better the performance.


The version of Android present in Galaxy Tab E is KitKat  4.4.4, and there are no predictions for any kind of update, neither for Lollipop nor for Android Marshmallow . Because of this, you can still see the TouchWiz interface in its old version on this handset. Even so, virtually all the customization possibilities that the brand usually inserts in Android are available.

You can change the shortcut buttons in the notifications area, create folders right in the app drawer, and there is still a fixed shortcut button on the start screen for the file manager, all elements not in the”clean” OS version of the Google .

It is worth mentioning that there is little”crapware” or unnecessary software installed. In addition to the Google Pack, Samsung installs two games, an Office suite and the Dropbox  for cloud storage. This shows that the brand has really thought about how much space unnecessary elements occupy on handsets with only 8GB of native storage, as is the case with the Galaxy Tab E.

On the other hand, this customization is still heavy and takes up more RAM than would be ideal, and this does not necessarily improve the look or transition effects of OS.

Worth it?

It’s worth getting the Galaxy Tab E in some specific situations: if you want to give some kids – who will only use the tablet to play simple and intermediate games – or if you are a beginner, you just need the most basic functions for your daily.

The tablet does not perform poorly, like some models in this category, but it’s not high-quality either. This is visible in its very rustic finish, the quality of the screen and the cameras.

Currently, it can be found in the Brazilian web market for up to R $ 359 in its version with WiFi. With 3G, the value jumps to R $ 499, at least. For this lower value, the apparatus can be considered, but according to the situations described above. Even so, it’s good to take into account that there are more cost-effective products like the Dell Venue 7 and the Positive Mini Quad .

So if you can find the WiFi version of the product at some point costing around $ 300, it can become a good buy. Otherwise, it’s worth investing a little more and having a better handset.