The Trends of Bikinis and Swimsuits of Summer

The 2016 Summer pumping!!! Each year with more fashionable beachwear. And this year the chosen darling of us women was the swimsuit, oddly enough, but it was! Even leaving marks it is the hit of the summer. But also the swimwear is super stylish and democratic. In addition, Swimsuits have hot pants and even looks with fitness footprint.

The Trends of Bikinis and Swimsuits of Summer

Late summer fetish, has a glamorous and romantic air. Bikini with lace neckline, shoulder to shoulder, and especially handmade materials such as crochet and macrame dominate and inspire the swimwear with hand made face. The Beach also outputs follow the line and stand out in pastel colors or in classic white. Praiano weather’s face, the classic stripes are back on the podium: in black and white or Navy Blue and white, navy style reigns. To update the look, worth mixing stripes with a bikini top or bottom with different print and cheerful

Fitness Footprint

With the increasingly strong appeal for sports and life fitness, nothing more logical than the swimwear follow the movement. Looks designed in performance to play sports without worry are a good bet: tops worn with the top of the Bikini are favorites. The front-only, style cropped, larger than a regular bikini, according to philosophynearby, are also elected for 2016.

Hot pants

Middle pin-up and super cool, the hot pants follow this summer, opt for stronger tones or with special cutouts, leaving the look more modern. Great for those who don’t feel as comfortable in view the abdominal region.

The “cheats mom” there’s always your place, proof that the decades in every summer, in which he returned with a vengeance.

Two in one

More popular than ever, their swimsuits have always been considered more traditional coverage options they offer. In 2016, redesigned, with strategic cutouts. After all, facilitate the suitcase since also serve as body for use with a trouser or skirt to enjoy the night. And ready, you are super neat and will cause with this look!!

Now it’s just you choose your look beachwear that you like better, because for lack of options in the blog of today will not have!!

Photos: Fernando Rezende and Disclosure

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