Theme Week: White Dress-Look 1

Who was Miss yellow door raises his hand! And who was with Miss a week theme? Let’s then join the two things and return to the stop on the right foot?

There are some weeks I get requests for girls in desperation with this heat: “Jojô, as it does for work and don’t be embarrassed in this heat?” Well, today we begin to answer it! And the best, using a play same today until Friday wildcard (ok, let’s have a look at least a week because today is Tuesday, but maybe I didn’t post a toast on Saturday). So, come on, ladies?

The one wildcard piece was hand-picked. Needed to be fresh and render well during the week. And, as we’re talking about hot flashes, nothing more recommended than a white dress. It seems obvious, but I go on the street in the summer and I am impressed with the amount of people wearing dark clothes around. Another thing, it has to be easy, people! Skinny fabrics and preferably of natural plots. Finally, nothing stuck in the body. At some point you’re going to sweat and clothes too tight will mark more the sweat. The idea is to make the body feel the air, breathe. Okay, that’s our play Joker that will accompany us until Friday.

Well, we started the week with him as well, clean and fresh. Only with a cintinho and rope marking the waist and two golden bracelets. Something, so, navy chic.

In fact, talking in his belt, he showed up here a few weeks ago as a necklace. Is there anything better than a versatile piece like that?

Well, look in our 1 week, check! Tomorrow’s look 2 with the white dress.