Three Looks To Rock With This Winter Parka | The Patrician

One of the most coveted closet timeless pieces contemporary, the parka misses any military connotation or heavy this winter, creating extremely feminine compositions. Attention. It is exactly this link between the powerful profile of parka with the freshness of style Add-ons that updates this classic, setting your personality 2016, as the three suggestions that we use now. Get inspired!

Parka + Jeans Dark Dry + T-Shirt + Striped Heavy Shoe

Here we have three classics that together make beautiful and become extremely present: the parka, the striped shirt, or Breton (we’ve already talked about it here), and the dark jeans and crisp. As the combination can get even more cool? With a very heavy footprint men’s shoe, a perfect visual to the day to day professional cooler or for a woman to the ballad style.

Parka + Romantic Dress + Small Bag Crossed + Metallic Sneakers

In this bet, the parka comes with two trends, the floral dress and metallic sneakers (Yes, you’ll still have one). The composition if complements with a tiny pouch and structured, used crossed. A charminho of spirit young, no matter the age that one has, but, Yes, the desire to wear something more ousadinho, perfect for moments of leisure.

Parka + MIDI High Waist Denim Skirt + Shirt Boho + Over The Knee Of Suede

Here the parka is inserted in one of the most striking trends of winter, the boho style, teaming with levinha blouse, subtly transparent and with delicate details such as ruffles and lace. Use for low-waisted jeans skirt, which becomes a perfect double for suede over the knee boot. Remember how we said that a cool way to use it without bumping into sensual images is betting on her combination with a skirt/dress that cover part of the barrel? That’s exactly what happens here, bowing to the seventies season climate. We love!