Time Passed Quickly, Your Baby Goes to Daycare and You Work!

Time passed quickly, your baby goes to daycare and you work! While engaging in

storage of details, think of the way everything was planned for a quiet stay; the

Choose the location carefully researched; the meetings of guidelines etc. The heart

It limps trying to reconcile the care with the guilt and you wonder: How my baby will be

Treaty in daycare? You will feel well, away from mom? What exactly happens in a school

maternal? What is part of the so-called learning that occurs in early childhood education?

To clarify your doubts, I want to share the three “As” that part of the relationship, baby

family and Daycare in three key moments: adaptation; Reception;



The adaptation of the baby to the world begins in the family

The baby grasps the world since the womb. In your development process

build your mother already fetal a bond. Learn to relate to parents and will

Repeat this pattern sweet in other relationships throughout life. Every human being

born prone to establish links. This ability is innate, but needs to be stimulated

appropriately for that. And they also are born with a repertoire of

attachment behavior … that pouting … we know well, cry, do

eye contact, hold on, snuggle up and smile.

The family needs to know the nature of the mother-infant bond/mother-child in the Organization

child psychosomatic, given the preventive and therapeutic possibilities. These

beginning with the well structured your good adaptability to day care and other

social groups. When a child is taken she has a special feeling of

safety and comfort in the presence of others and can use it as a “secure base” from

which explores the rest of the world.

Adaptation to Daycare

Amid the construction of affective links the baby goes to kindergarten. This moment

demand special attention and learning for everyone involved. Family, school and

child, find out about conviviality, security, rhythms and exploration of new spaces, between

so many other things. The stay in the new environment requires the care type:

  1. Babies feel at ease when the nursery welcomes all personal objects:
  2. Photos with relatives and pets can be placed in murals or

blankie that smells, pillows, cushions and their favorite toys, because the

join the family.

laminated so they can handle at will. Good for catching up

of married

These elements give the feeling of the House extension in the institution.


The baby

In principle it is the common cry of nostalgia. When this happens the output is the cervix and

talks about the time when the family will be reunited again. You have to keep

a good music in the environment to relax your baby when stressed. Receive the parents in

any time of the day (for breastfeeding), for example; make a quick visit to

pick him up; take him home early, contribute in the process of link building

secure with the family. Parents should avoid the delays in time to pick them up.

Host parents from the daycare:

  1. Explanation of educational planning;
  2. presentation of the spaces and officials;
  3. monitoring of a day of your routine;
  4. Provide encounters with different professionals for specific guidelines. As

for example, on the development of the child in early childhood education.

  1. Pictures of children in different situations, like the joke in the tank, the time

the snack, the vise grip on the toy baby and happy looks toward the photos

the family, should be shared with the parents.

  1. LEARNING-teaching Exists in daycare? The child plays?

For children, the world is a great discovery. At birth, babies are presented

a universe of forms, textures and spaces, which must be operated with autonomy. All

interaction in the school environment is an act of teaching, including situations that reinforce the link

between adult and baby is an experience for learning. On this issue, the educator

Henri Wallon (1896-1934) highlighted the affectivity as a functional fields

on which structure to cognition. So with affective exchanges, the child is able to

see the world. But, the fact that babies interact, learn and build

knowledge before even talking is often ignored. They need to be respected

and not just treated as dolls, which should only be clean, fragrant and well


In the separation of the parents, the potential space is filled by the creative play coupled with the

development of thought.

The play is important because …

  1. playing also you learn;
  2. enables self-discovery;
  3. is the base of the construction of cognition and personality;
  4. provides construction of the relations with the environment;
  5. allow motor and social development;
  6. encourages creativity and skills;

In addition to being a necessity for children, play is a right guaranteed by law, base

the curricular proposal in Frames of early childhood education. Through play a child

develops and shape your character. Kidding she’s going to experiencing positive situations

satisfaction and frustration, thus negative will learning to coexist socially.

Parents should “Wear the shirt of the day care center via Oxfordastronomy.com” and as part of a team support, defends the

tooth and nail! Celebrate together failures and victories. Integrated exercise so

assert their rights and duties.

Ósia Valente Matos

Pedagogue, Student and family Psychotherapist