Tips for Decorating Children’s Lego Birthday Party

Learn how to make a LEGO party decoration

Tips for Decorating Children's Lego Birthday Party

The LEGO toy line is definitely one of the most sold worldwide. Created in 1934, LEGO won a legion of fans because of the many possibilities that the toy back, after all, are plastic pieces that snap together can give rise to what the creativity to send. Currently the LEGO franchise has in addition to the sets of pieces to assemble, games for various platforms and consoles. The immense success makes LEGO is a very explored in birthday parties and so learn how to make a LEGO party decoration and work on your.

Get to Know the Line LEGO

Initially the LEGO products were sold only with single and colorful plastic pieces that could be connected giving rise to constructions, buildings and all the children wished. Over the years the LEGO line was expanded and currently has thematic series of pirates and space, for example, and films such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Frozen.

LEGO has won so many fans that has theme parks in Denmark, England, United States and Germany according to The franchise also turned into film and video game being available for smartphones, tablets, Playstation and Xbox.

LEGO Party Decoration

When choosing how to theme your party the LEGO franchise, you can follow various directions that enable a diverse and fun decor ideal for all ages. Learn how to use the theme in your party decor inspired by the ideas.

* Colors

The color palette LEGO party decoration must be vibrant and that has everything to do with the theme. So, bet on red, yellow, blue and green are quite present in the little pieces of plastic. Black and white also gain space between colors in the details.

* LEGO bricks

The focus of the decoration must be the LEGO bricks that can be made with shoe boxes lined with colored paper or painted with colored ink. To make the fittings, cutting circular pieces of EVA and Cole on the edge of the box with hot glue. Parts can decorate the cake table or do centerpieces, as well as form a panel super different for pictures. Invest in pads with print of little pieces is also a detail that makes the difference and you can distribute them at the end of the party as party favors.

* Square furniture

For the choice of the furniture that will be used in decoration, bet on square tables because LEGO does not have rounded parts. A good tip is to invest in cubic colored tables to lay out the goodies at the party. The tables of the guests can be lined with colorful tissue stuck on the feet of the tables forming visually a cube. Bet on colorful chairs for an even cooler effect.

* Compositions with colored balls

Another tip is to play the compositions with colored balls to lead the panels behind the cake table and on the sides of the room or place chosen for the party. You can do with the help of friends and just fill the balls in small size and mount a schema with the position and amount of balls used to form designs.

* Use the thematic series of LEGO

You can also choose to use the thematic series released by LEGO in time to draw up party decoration. Just ask little what his favorite show and follow the theme. You can do a pirate-themed party, for example, using references as LEGO figures dressed in pirate flags, ships, symbols of skull and anchors.

* Themed foods

The goodies the party also have important role in the decoration of the party: you can prepare sweets and snacks inspired by LEGO so that they are in keeping with the theme. Bet on transparent pots filled with confetti, brownies cut into rectangles with colorful confetti doing sometimes plugin mimicking a piece of LEGO, yellow pots with smiley LEGO doll to serve real groceries, candies with edible bits of LEGO, decorated cookies, among others. Invest in a LEGO-themed cake is also super important, so work in choosing.

* LEGO Figurines

Use the LEGO figurines in decorating and you can make them in cardboard or paper with thicker weight because it is easy to find free templates on the internet. If you are skilled, you can choose to make a doll using LEGO craftsmanship in children size to take pictures, for example.

Bet on LEGO party decor will ensure lots of fun for children and adults. Investing in a colorful palette and not forgetting to include the little pieces in decoration, you have everything to hit.