Tips for Panning NBA Shirts on Aliexpress

Earlier I posted a photo of a shirt that just arrived from AliExpress and many people came to ask questions about how to buy the site, which is the best store, what size of shirts and etc. As I think a lot of people are interested, but still afraid to buy there, I will share some of my experience in purchases on the site and, perhaps, help the guys to lose the cabacinho with the chinesada.

Tips for Panning NBA Shirts on Aliexpress

I’ll put in topics because this type of ‘ tab ‘ works better, especially when those who want to take away the doubt is more interested in a ‘ reading ‘.

Quality and price

Well, start with the basics. Aliexpress is a Chinese website that gathers several vendors and shops there. Has it all. There are people who buy wedding dress, car and everything. Also has several stores that sell shirts of teams.

Why buy on AliExpress if has the Adidas store (online, with fast delivery) if they have Centaur, and the devil Netshoes sells here in Brazil? Because a shirt on the Chinese site sells for $20 and here goes for 200 reais according to Internetiest.

In theory, it is at this price because the shirt comes out straight from the factory. Of course, maybe that’s not true and real they are replicas of the originals. With a quick search and a little attention, you get shirts that are identical to the original (they come with Adidas sticker and everything, what feeds the legend which are original products factory direct, you know …).

I already bought more than 30 shirts on AliExpress and just had a bad experience. It was to be the Bogut, the Golden State Warriors, but came a race very messed up with number and name printed all shit. Moreover, all perfect-I already bought the NBA Store, on official u.s. time shop, adidas store here and etc, so have a good basis for comparison. For that, you have to call in choosing the store.

Tips for Panning NBA Shirts on Aliexpress 1

Choosing the store and the shirts

This is the key point. To minimize the chances of a shirt shit, you have to pick your seller. The ideal would be to find a good supplier and buy him. The problem is that the manufacturers denounce these vendors for AliExpress that closes these accounts. The guys come back after a while with another name, but that original store link is lost.

The basic tip is to go after the sellers well evaluated. Next to the name of the stores, they have ‘ stamps ‘ that indicate whether your sales are claimed with frequency and etc. If the guy has a seal which is a gold medal or a diamond, you can trust that it is very difficult to give you shit.

There should be different ways to search, but how is a Chinese site translated into Portuguese, the search is a little messed up. I point out that you should get the name of the player you the shirt and put’jersey’ together, you’re going to see a lot of gadget that you are not interested. Finding the shirt, Valley view evaluation of the store in the corner of the page. If properly evaluated, you can click the name of the seller and mining if he has no other legal models and close a purchase of some two or three shirts – who come for the same shipping and you save even more.

In the print above I did a search example. You should also note the shipping options. Some stores only send by DHL, which makes the purchase impossible (unless you top pay 400 reais for delivery, laughs). The ideal is to get sellers to send the mail to Chinese (10 to 15 reais from shipping) or for free.

When you click on the shirt, you can open the seller’s page and navigate through other models he sells. Usually they put per player and into the product by athlete, the various models available.

The good thing about AliExpress is the huge range of shirts that they have available. I already bought of all kinds. I recommend the latest shirts. I already bought some retro, shirt design, were not so good. The newest, 2000 here, are much better. The material is no longer that redinha and names and numbers are sewn on light material and not that rude or heavy sewing silk.

Tips for Panning NBA Shirts on Aliexpress 2

All of There: in the picture does not appear, but the Barkey’s shirt is kind of messed up. The others are perfect!

Important: sizes of shirts

Something really important for connecting on the purchase the shirts is in choosing the size. It’s a basic thing: the average Chinese is much smaller than the average Brazilian. G size of them is not the same G than ours. I screwed up a few times for being overweight (RISOSSSSS) and want to buy the same size I bought here in Brazil. Result: they were very fair and I could never use (one of them is Anthony Bennett that I bought and never served, hahaha).

I here use XG (have 1.94 and 115 pounds). There, I can only buy XXL (and even then they are not sooo long. Get the right size for use in the game, but it would be tight to wear over a t-shirt, for example).

Lebron’s Jersey in high school and Carmel at the University

When in doubt, I think it is recommended that you always buy a size larger than the traditional, but maybe it’s a TRAUMA of fat that I have.

Oh, another thing: like the descriptions of the shirts are weird (translated from Chinese), you have to stay very connected in what you are buying. I say this because a friend of mine once went to get a shirt from Magic Johnson and not called that was buying a CHILDREN’S version. It’s supposed to be G but arrived and the jersey wasn’t even in his leg, hahaha.

Delivery and rate

A problem that Ali had formerly was that it took forever to deliver. I’ve had my request that it took more than 90 days to arrive. Currently, they are taking a maximum of 40 days-a very reasonable period to cross the entire globe and arrive at your House.

Tips for Panning NBA Shirts on Aliexpress 3

The site has a system that ensures that the delivery will be made. They have a deadline running out there that is a maximum time that the product has to get to the destination. If that time is running out, you send a message to the seller asking why hasn’t arrived and it tells you if you have any trouble or not. Anything you dispute and negotiation Ali returns the money. Anyway, they always provide tracking and most delays occur because the merchandise stands in the regular mail from Brazil.

You have to always keep in mind that 90% of these purchases will be taxed upon arrival in Brazil. Are real 12 more a tax estimate. In my last few deliveries, bought two shirts together and gave real rate 30. Even with tax and delivery, still good enough to shame – adding everything, about 80 reais for shirts that you’d never find around here.


In the end, it’s worth it. At some point, you can see a mock shirt or in a smaller size than the imagined, but with attention and practice, you minimize these problems. As unfortunately the shirts arrive very expensive over here and in an offer from teams and players well reduced, AliExpress is a cheaper option and varied for the fans – where, here in Brazil, I would be able to buy Bennett’s shirt on the Cavs, Julius Randle or Dante Exum?