Tips for Putting on Compression Stockings

I don’t know about you, but I feel that I should buy an extra pair of liiige always tights or – gyyys – knænylonstrømper. I never know when I might get jokket on a sliver in my hardwood floors or my hook closure on skirt gets torn fat in my pantyhose. But in addition, I have a handful of tips that make your stockings easier to get on, lasts longer and is better – all day.

Tips that I have accumulated over many years of faithful strømpebukse use – and not least boring experience with pantyhose, they hung there real nasty three centimeters below the crotch. Or knæmodellerne, who will continue to scoff down around the ankle. Maybe you can also use my little tricks?

Buy stockings abundant in size
It may sound strange, but it is good enough. If your tights are on abundant page in size, so you can’t easily broken river. Why? Because it is the elasticity of the stockings, which means that they can ‘ give it ‘ if they, for example, bogged down in something.

And if your tights only liiige can come all the way up, are they tense all the way out – and therefore cannot give it Test your tights; are you close to breaking nails or hive hole in stockings when you take them on? You can not get hold of the stockings between two fingers, when you have them on? So should you buy them a little larger.

Relief for stitches on the run
Is the accident still out, and your stockings begins to run, it is best to lubricate the hole and the nødtrick within an accuracy of masks with clear nail polish. It stops the escape. Are you without access to a Nail Polish tester in Matas or a department store, so can a little correction fluid, skolelim or tape help you.

Store them correctly
The most optimal is to keep your socks in individual plastic bags. On the way they come not to hang stuck in something in the tray, and they will not be worn when you’re fiddling around after a certainly few. Do you think that it sounds like OCD-like enough, so roll them together (without stretching them out, the effect on them), and store them in a box that is smooth on the inside.

Wash them right
No doubt that hand washing is the gentlest opposite nylon stockings, but this is rare, I feel I have the time for it, which is why clots I all my pantyhose and in a pillowcase (with buttons, so it can be closed) and wash them in the machine. It protects them against zippers and clasps from the other clothes, from getting stuck between the door and the rubber ring – and against unnecessary wear.

Make sure all feet are wrapped completely out, and flip the stockings with the inside outward. Do not use fabric softener or bleach/stain remover, as it destroys the elasticity (this applies, for example, also in your Bras, sportswear and other clothing with elasticated).

take stocking the pants on
Nylonstrømpe pants should sit right in order to be comfortable to wear. When the right fit, sits the woven, stretchy masks are also in the right places. If not they do it, move the stockings not properly with you, when you walk, bicycle or sitting. Sit down. Start by ‘ drop-down ‘ all one strømpeben up between your forefinger and thumb fingers. Plug your toes and then the foot completely out of the foot of the sock.

Then pull the sock leg up to the knee. Then they go on to the other leg and do the same thing, so you finally have the stockings sitting around the knee. Stand up, and lemp sock up into small stages on first one leg and then the other, so you get pulled stocking legs right up. The objective is to ensure most elasticity around the thighs, hips and stomach, because it is here, you as a plus size woman, most in need of it.

Check out eventually that power’s masks follows your legs – you will easily be able to view If the sock has been, for example, around the ankles or thighs – and about a possible pattern sits, as it should. The stockings have been, do you start over, you can not correct the sock out properly when you have it on.

Get the stockings to get stuck
I was once at a really fancy awards ceremony. But I could not enjoy the evening 100 percent – for the simple reason that I had committed the ultimate sin: I had bought new pantyhose from a brand I had never tried before.

Half an hour inside the event I discovered that it was a sock of the type that slid down under the crotch. After all, it is so annoying. I threw them out and thought that it might be a one-time problem.
But a few years ago began my one leg suddenly not being able to keep knænylonstrømper up. Very strange.

Since I had been five different brands through, with the same result, I had to see that it was my leg, there is something wrong with my solution: a bold body lotion! I lubricates my legs in and take immediately the stockings on.

When the cream is bold enough, can just the friction the cream creates, in fact, keep my stockings up throughout the day. And do you have a pair of pantyhose, where the rubber band has been somewhat lax – for example, around the stomach – then takes you just cream on

there too.

When you take the stockings of
Take the stockings of with the same care as you take them on – not something with the hive and drag them. Roll them down the leg, and change them out. You need to use them again in the morning, so let them vent a little by hanging them in front of an open window. They must to wash, then place them in a separate bag, so they do not risk being torn by the other laundry.