Tips for Tie Clips

Among accessories carrying the groom, are not as many as the bride by no means, is the always understated tie clip. We give some small tips to choose it and carry it with elegance.

A few weeks ago we told you about twins for the wedding and the basic guidelines that we follow with them. To begin with, that highlight enough but without leaving aside the necessary discretion: we must be the protagonists of the wedding, and not a complement that highlight excessively in the photos. And to continue, badly that despite him some protocol manuals “of rancio ancestry”, it is important that they represent a sample of our personality. We do not have why to cut us in choosing a fun clip, showing some of our hobbies; everything is permitted regardless of why they get jokes or just grazed the bad taste. So, as always, we recommend, give rein to your imagination on this great day.

Smooth tie and morning dress

The wedding tie clip on is likely to be smooth (this is an inviolable protocol standard), something that comes in handy if you want to use a PIN, since we strongly advise against this add-on in ties with printed motifs. On the other hand, it is not recommended to put it if we are going to wear a wool tie, a bow or even a scarf knotted around the neck (this last is not that it is very common at weddings, but who knows, may we want to dare with something so original…). Another perfectly permissible use of pins is to decorate the buttonhole costume or the morning suit; the latter is the garment that usually accompany the PIN frequently.

Care to put it


This we are going to say may sound patently obvious, but much care when crossing the tie with the PIN. Some materials can tear easily if not successful the first. We recommend to make a small mark with chalk, which is commonly used to seam, to make sure we don’t mess up put it.