Tips Of Earrings For Each Face Type

Many of us choose our earrings according to the color and style of our daily look, but we forgot something very important: the shape of the face. Like the earrings draw attention to them, it’s super important to choose them well to accent the best of us and divert attention from our defects. 

Here are some tips from on how to choose the combine:

Diamond Face, inverted triangle and heart:With subtle differences, these three faces have the top wider than the bottom and a sharp Chin, so you must balance with earrings that are the opposite, wider at the bottom. The guys drop and chandelier are the most suitable and if you prefer small earrings, the rings are a good option.

Square Face:As the top and bottom have the same ratio and there is a very marked jaw, the idea is to soften the angles and stretch. Choose earrings that are longer than wide, rounded shapes and exaggerated and also small round earrings.

Rectangular Face:Similar to the square face, though longer, rounded earrings that not beyond the Chin, as drops, ring and small oval earrings.

Round face:As your form is circular, the idea is to use long earrings and narrow.

Oval face:Similar to the previous, but more long, everything looks good. The earrings guy tears and chandelier are the ones who most accentuates the shape of your face.