To Skip the Stockings

A stylistic punch in the mouth or a slip. One way to save washing at 60 degrees or a carefully considered fashion choices. To skip the stockings can have many causes, not least the effects.

In pursuit of the kostymstilen, it is during the summer months difficult to stay away from the sock fix road. A cotton or linen suit with loafers without socks are a somewhat ideal image of summer. Or why not a linen shirt, jeans and a pullover slung over the neck. Although there will be extra effective for a dressed up style is applicable to a sock-ing wildly different styles. Glamorous lyxyachtsromantiker as chinoshipster.

However, it is important to choose the right context. Although dress codes at work today largely played out its role, it is difficult to imagine a banker or broker without the socks. This is not to say that it is not suitable at occasions requiring more than jeans and t-shirt. For example, in a summer wedding or celebration, it may actually be preferable to skip the stockings instead of wearing black boring models. It can even be neat to go sock loose in tuxedos, although the latter requires enormous sense and should be avoided at all for formal occasions.

There are also a number of other aspects to keep in mind, of which skoval is the principal. Going into its uk welted, for the first time is not recommended. Reasonably use leather shoes are otherwise no problem. The prettiest is the slender models with narrower toe, but be superspetsiga. Sole thickness is also of utmost importance. Thick soles, although very rarely, but to additionally exclude the SOCKS can be a disaster.

Those who want to be on the safe side to avoid sore feet should choose stockings without shaft, although these tend to actually be seen why the whole point then is lost. For short socks are no good. Then it’s much better to skip the stockings fully, as ezinereligion says.

Who is it that controversial match-a Prince of Wales checkered suit and brown shoes without stockings. The answer is David Beckham. What do you think, did he correct?