Tobyrich Moskito Test

Through The Founding Show ” The Cave Of Lions “  On The TV Channel  VOX The Inventors Of The Smartphone-Controlled Aircraft Tobias “Toby” Dazenko And Ulrich “Rich” Ditschler Great Praise In The Drones And Gadget Community Locals. After The Smartplane Follows With The Tobyrich Mosquito A Clearly Improved Variant Of The Remote-controlled RC Airplane. We Have The Revised Mosquito Model Exactly Watched And Clarified In The Test, Whether The Inventors And Founders Can Keep What You Promise.

Tobyrich Moskito: Smartphone-Controlled Aircraft

In principle, the Moskito represents a further developed variant of the SmartPlane aircraft, so seen a SmartPlane 2.0. The new model looks almost identical, but comes with numerous improvements. Therefore, the inventors have opted for the name “Moskito”. Innovations can be found, for example, in the material used, since, for the sake of weight reduction and durability, high-quality carbon-fiber-reinforced material is now being used to a small extent according to relationshipsplus.

The propellers of the Moskito aircraft are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic in order to be able to easily break the one or other breakage land. Also new is the new app with an integrated flight school or the included joystick, with which the aircraft should be controlled even more intuitively. For smaller flights at dusk or flights at night, the Moskito plane was given two very bright LEDs. Meanwhile, a 50 percent stronger engine and a 60% stronger battery will provide better flight performance.The best thing about it: The successor generation of the SmartPlanes is still available for an extremely low price of 49.99 euros. A clear announcement-especially in comparison to other RC aircraft with smartphone control and similar range of functions.

Carbon fiber reinforced material

Propeller made of glass fiber reinforced plastic

Revised app with integrated flight school

Included joystick for control in joystick mode

New, ultra-bright LEDs for dusk and night use

New motor with 50% more power and 60% stronger battery

Tobyrich Moskito: First Impression

The packaging of the TobyRich Moskito is high-quality processed. The contents leave nothing to be desired. Only one power supply could have been supplied to power the RC aircraft with the supplied USB cable.

Commissioning Before First Flight

The TobyRich Moskito is maneuvered through the air using a smartphone and an app-both for iOS and Android.

The operation of the Moskito aircraft is easy to carry out and requires no special knowledge. In order  to supply the Moskito with adequate energy before the first flight, it is sufficient to insert the supplied USB-to-microUSB cable at the bottom of the aircraft. A small LED gives information about the corresponding charge state-if the battery is full, the LED is lit in bright green. If the battery still charges, the LEDs light up in orange. The loading time of the aircraft is about 25 minutes. It is a pity that the battery installed in the airplane nose is permanently installed and can not be replaced. It is also worth mentioning that TobyRich only includes a USB cable, but not a suitable power supply. For example, a USB power supply of the smartphone or the USB port of the PC must necessarily be used to supply the remote-controlled mini-plane with power. After or during the charging process, the airplane can be switched on by the sliding switch and the app   can be installed on the respectiveApple iPhone App Store or Google Play Store on the respective smartphone. The app  automatically connects to the TobyRich Moskito thanks to Bluetooth Smart.

Control Modes: Tilt Or Joystick

To start the TobyRich mosquito, you have to hold the smartphone in one hand and the airplane in the other hand. Now, the thrust is about 80% thrust and the aircraft gently to the front. This works surprisingly reliably, but you have to react with fast corrective movements, so that the aircraft does not crash after the start and instead goes into a stable flight position. Strong side winds should be avoided during the start process and the TobyRich Moskito in the ideal case in the wind direction forward.Positive: The TobyRich Moskito survives the one or other crash effortlessly thanks to comparatively robust materials and its light weight. However, the RC aircraft requires more space in the air, both during start-up and during the corresponding flight movements, so that the use in smaller interior spaces-such as normal living rooms-is rather less recommendable. The control is sophisticated and therefore this RC-airplane is rather unsuitable for children.

The TobyRich Moskito has two control models-the remote control aircraft can be maneuvered through tilting movements of the smartphone or through the supplied joystick through the air. In  tilt mode, speed and airports are controlled by moving the thumbscrew in the smartphone display with the thumb. Pulling up the thrust controller, the mosquito gains speed. Pulling the thrust controller down reduces the speed. Depending on the speed, the airports of the aircraft are automatically changed. To fly curves, you have to tilt the smartphone. If the smartphone is tilted slightly to the left, the TobyRich Moskito flies a slight link curve. If you tilt the smartphone slightly to the right, you maneuver the remote-controlled aircraft accordingly by a right curve.

The included joystick is a new addition to the TobyRich Moskito. To do so, you must position the joystick on the right-hand control circuit and fix the suction cups on the smartphone display. Afterwards, the joystick acts as a typical control stick, so that the airport and speed are still controlled by thumb and thrust, but flight movements to the right and left by means of control sticks. The idea of ​​the supplied joystick is particularly good and works quite reliably in practice. This is not a pure smartphone control, and the joystick gives the impression of a physical control, as is the case with most RC aircraft, RC drones and RC multicopes. If you can not cope with the control, you can find out in the app in a tutorial.

Flight Time And Range

The  flight time of the TobyRich Moskito is comparatively long compared to conventional toy quadrocopters. In our test, the Moskito could effortlessly glide about 10 minutes through the air-with a remaining battery capacity of about 10 percent. The range of the RC aircraft is approximately 50 to 60 meters, which is a reasonable value for a Bluetooth-controlled gadget of this magnitude.

Conclusion: Great Alternative To Drones And Quadrocopters

The TobyRich Moskito is a great and worthwhile alternative to conventional toy drones and toy quadrocopters. The flying of a wing aircraft poses completely different requirements to the pilot and his dexterity, offering a more dynamic flight feeling. Scope of delivery, charging time, flight time, range and control possibilities correspond largely to the specifications of the manufacturer. It is a pity that the permanently integrated battery can not be replaced-with additional batteries you do not have to wait several minutes until the TobyRich Moskito is ready to go again. The intuitive control, the great design app and the idea of ​​the physical joystick, which is easy to install on the smartphone display, are also praiseworthy. On the contrary, the inventors of the Moskito aircraft can make a promise: the aircraft is fun, fun and fun. And at a price of just 49.99 the winzling is also suitable as a gift or as a toy for intercourse.

The TobyRich Moskito is a smart-controlled RC aircraft, suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The appearance and design of the mini-surface glider has a comparatively simple effect-as color options, the manufacturer has so far offered a combination of black/white. With a wingspan of 22 millimeters and a height of 8 centimeters, the TobyRich Moskito is rather small and compact and weighing only 18 grams extremely light. This is made possible by the use of EPP plastic, a foam based on polypropylene. The materials of the Moskito aircraft look high-quality and hard-wearing-comparable and equal with current drones and quadrocopter models from Parrot.The scope of delivery does not include the RC aircraft: in addition to the actual aircraft, a USB charger cable, amultilingual user manual or a spare propeller are included. New at the TobyRich Moskito: The manufacturer delivers a joystick with which an iOS or Android smartphone can be converted to a gamepad.