TOP 10: Makeup Fashion Show-Fall!

The international fashion weeks are over and we get a lot of fashion and beauty tips that are going to be hit next season. There’s one thing we can put in practice: fashion show makeup!! Yes, the beauty tips are increasingly easy to copy so that trends emerge, so 10 incredible beauties I’ve seen separated by walkways of fashion weeks, come with me!

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The first tip is to bet on well-lit skin-without base or powder matificam the face–instead, prefer liquid bases with natural finish. On the lips, red lipstick is back with everything, especially combined with a pencil to mouth to do the outline well right as the beauty of Prada!

Jeremy Scott bet on some loucurinhas that are amazing in look of ballad and of girls bolder-I was in love with delineated kitten very thin with the outlined in turquoise concave. Another tip here is to combine shades of blue and green with pink lipstick, is beautiful and super fun!

Another brand that played with outlined was the Topshop Unique -look that the kitten has a tip down too. Is super graphic! And the pink lipstick appeared again as a hit!

Already the beauty of Marni matificada skin with a slight contour, right and uniform dark wine lipstick–I thought mara!

On the catwalk from Dolce & Gabbana, the requested time was blush and lipstick peach-I thought it was very soft and fits as makeup.

The madness of the time was the parade of Paco Rabanne and your mouth blue! Is good for a club or party to fantasy.

Already the makeup from Chanel is very beautiful, although different, is made with the FishNet pantyhose as screen! I mean, the show they had a pretty cool cast, but in real life, roll to make this DIY! Make powerful in Brown and enough mascara on upper and lower lashes, chic!

The most colorful of all was that of Fendi! You know make you hit the eye and stay in love? Was this! Apra Valley Carnival, costume party, or have ideas for color combinations!

To finish: all eye, mouth also in Saint Laurent! If you have a club or party and wants to be powerful, bet on this combo of eye black smudges and red lipstick with gloss-this texture breaks a little remarkable eye and look beautiful!

What your favorite make?

Photos: Reproduction

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