Top 3: Our Three Biggest Men’s Watches

The size of a wristwatch is a very individual decision of the watch carrier, because whether it likes rather large or small time knives, he must evaluate for himself. Nevertheless, the trend is more likely towards XXL watches, which are currently very popular. They should be impressive, striking and underline the masculine side of the owner. Because of their oversizedness, they leave a lasting impression on the opposing conversation partner because they immediately fall into the eye.
In earlier times the big watches were often equipped with many different functions. Nowadays, the trend is getting a little slower and many manufacturers of giant clocks are increasingly using technical minimalism, true to the motto “less is more”. Modesty and simple design are also becoming increasingly important.

A well-known brand that manufactures particularly large clocks is diesel. It is known for its powerful, bulky and coarse forms, which are made for the great wrists of the gentlemen. The largest model from our range also comes from this men’s brand. The ” Mr. Daddy ” chronograph honored its name with an incredible housing diameter of 66 mm. It is usually even larger than the typical men’s wrist joint itself and is thus an absolute view.
The “Sunset” men’s watch from the brand Police is the second-largest watch model in our shop. It measures a diameter of 60 mm and is thus larger than two juxtaposed two-euro coins. The design is relatively simple and simple, so that the size of the watch comes to the best advantage. The brand policy is also aimed at the masters of creation, rather than the women’s world, with very masculine examples.
In the third place of our largest watches are three models of the Casio Pro Trek men’s watches. Their size amounts to a diameter of 58 mm. In contrast to the timepieces of Diesel and Police, they have many additional functions that must be placed on the large dial.

The big watches have the advantage that you do not need any other jewelry, because the watch stands for itself and clothes it always well. The only downside, however, is that it may interfere with activities such as sports or computer work. You should be able to identify yourself as a carrier with the XXL-format of the watch, be self-confident and present it with pride. In the end, however, it is a matter of taste whether they like big watches or not. The big watches for men are available at