Top 5 Bike GPS

The bike GPS multiply on the market, shipping ever more varied and powerful features. We offer our selection of the best bike GPS counters taking into account their features and their respective prices.

Top 5 Bike GPS

The Garmin Edge 1000

More sober and more design than ever, the Garmin Edge 1000 is a real technological gem shipping all the essential functions for training and competition. Connectivity ANT + and Bluetooth, management segments, autolap, virtual partner, barometric altimeter, navigation on dee background map, all high GPS meter range functions become a classic on the Edge 1000.

The Edge 1000 has several assets under its hull, which the Glonass positioning coupled with GPS offering a satellite of the more specific. The browsing experience is on a whole other level with increased fluidity and precision. To offer even more comfort to the rider, the Garmin Edge 1000 is compatible with the electric Di2 derailleur. In addition, the “route round trip” feature that allows your counter offer you 3 routes to choose you will discover a new aspect of each of your hikes.

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The Garmin Edge 810

According to polyhobbies, the Edge 810 is a high-performance and extremely versatile GPS meter. It offers the variety of features necessary for the cardiotrainers and the precision required by competitors. This counter offers an exceptional browsing experience, thanks to its 12 channel GPS ensuring the quality of the signal. Geotagging is fast and fluid, we choose just several kilometers of road or the rural trails on a mountain bike. Browsing the map background will be an asset for this counter. We also appreciate the accuracy of barometric altimeter calibrated once.

The Edge 810 Board Connectivity Bluetooth and ANT +, which allows it to be connected both to a smartphone and sensor ANT + power, Cadence or heart rate. Bluetooth connectivity is strategic for the use of the Live Track. This function allows the rider, by connecting the meter to its smartphone to organize group events that can be tracked in real time.

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The Bryton Rider 60T

With his Rider 60 T, Bryton just Tickle Garmin on its pedestal. This counter is indeed a serious competitor to the Garmin Edge 810. With ANT + and Bluetooth connectivity, barometric altimeter, compatibility with the cadence, power and heart rate sensors, and navigation on Basemap, the Rider 60 T offers comprehensive features. Competitors and practitioners of cardio will increasingly benefit an exceptional display on a screen of 3 “, embarked on a resolutely ergonomic device for 16 hours.

Apart from its reasonable price, other asset in the hull of the Rider 60 is no doubt the independent voice guidance. With this feature, you have to connect your Bluetooth headset to your counter to have your information of navigation to the ear. Ideal to keep your eyes focused on the road during your travels or your workouts.

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The Mio Cyclo 505 HC

Mio was to rectify the situation after the mixed Cyclo 305. Cyclo 505 HC lands better, more ergonomic and more convenient in a stylish and sleek white hull. Navigation on this counter has been updated and is now more fluid than on the 305. Mio has however kept the dimension to display 3 “, to offer a real pleasure in the use of the functions of the meter. The Mio 505 Cyclo, HC embarked connectivity ANT + and Bluetooth, as well as the WiFi that allows you to connect it to your computer without needing a cable.

Mio brought his personal touch to the Cyclo 505 HC, in this case, the Surprise Me feature. With this function, your Mio will offer 3 different courses to a destination of your choice, based on data in the distance and duration you set. The Cyclo 505 HC Mio also offers vocal guidance function through your Android smartphone.

The Polar V650

The Polar V650 is the ideal compromise for the practice of the cardio. Although its features are quite limited, its price comfortably pleads the choice in the place of this counter. The V650 offers extensive heart functions, such as the heart rate zone, a counter of ultra-precise calories, an estimate of the maximum heart rate and an immediate analysis of the efforts after each workout. Where the V650 disappoints, it’s at the level of its inconsistent connectivity to sensors. On the other hand, Polar offers as an option, a cadence sensor, speed sensor, a heart rate sensor and a Bluetooth compatible power meter. The impossibility of a real navigation map will also discourage hikers. Polar however promises to integrate this feature in a future update.

To attract more customers, Polar offers the Relive through the V650 function. Relive will allow you to get videos of your routes with pictures of the key points, and background music. Videos that you can share with your friends on PolarSport.