Toy Tips

The favorite toy among boys are: strollers, soccer balls, dolls of the Turn, Ben 10 and Iron Man, bicycles, skateboards and many others. Already the girls are: Barbie dolls, Polly, bicycles, masses of modeling kits, toys from Disney Princesses and other things.

Toy Tips

Mounting blocks of LEGO and the Fisher Price toys appeal to everyone, especially by allowing children to play together.

Dolls: The girls ‘ passion for dolls is already old, and that’s why there are so many amazing models on the market. Many of the models running from everything we’re used to, Pee and boom, cry, eat food, take the juice box or open and close the eyes Ahnnn, noting that has dolls with hair, and the child do several different hairstyles. Humm …. Play was never so good doesn’t it?

DART Launcher: This is the ideal toy for boys who love action and adventure. The little gun launches darts up to 6 meters away and will let all the boys crazy so much animation. INMETRO certified, is made with quality material and offers all the security that your small needs. Is recommended for children over 8 years so that they play a lot in open places.

Polly Pocket: Polly is one of the most beloved toys for kids, which in addition to having fun with the dolls can also play with the various extra gear. There are several models with dolls and others with many accessories that will let the kids crazy so much animation. Small can invent many funny situations to which the game stay even more interesting!

Baby Alive Doll: Play mom and daughter is one of the things that most girls like to do. This practice will become even more fun with the Baby Alive dolls, and required that the child feed and change the doll’s diaper, she also makes your requirements. Is the perfect prank to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children.

Dolls Super Heroes: Who never played a soldier braver and stronger than all the others? That boy never made fighting that last for hours and hours between two intergalactic monsters or even a Barbie and GI Joe? Dolls are cool to play anywhere, a typical toy for boys. And there is a multitude of them and never go out of fashion. Just be careful not to accumulate many. The most popular are: superheroes, soldiers and cartoon characters.

Remote control trolleys: There are various types and models, from the most simple and Agile for use indoors without messing up the toughest and fastest that can handle all types of terrain. This classic toys for boy is sure not to make mistakes in time to give a gift to a kid who likes speed. Indicated for both adventurers as “nerds”.

Table games and Board: These games are synonymous with fun for the whole family, uniting the generations. There are several options: traditional, modern, classic revisited and updated … has for all tastes!

Toys to play outdoors or in large rooms: Are a fun sound burns calories and exercise the body. Encourage children to stay at home all the time and leaving to explore other challenges. Make the Kids try and overcome your limits, developing new skills.

Each toy has your recommendation that should be respected for the sake of the child. Depending on the toy, the indication is restricted to children over 4 years of age, is to contain small parts, require support and motor coordination, etc.

From 1 to 3 years: it is common for kids like toys that involve movements because are discovering its capabilities, including walking. Large dolls are also interesting for the child to recognize the body’s own ways with the toy. Examples: toys, push or pull, tricycles, dolls, puzzles, etc.

Of 3 to 5 years: favorite toys are the ones that stimulate the imagination. Is the phase in which they play make-believe with the clothes and objects of the parents. Examples: puppets, musical instruments, costumes, coloring books, etc.

Of 5 to 7 years: games with lyrics are great at this stage because they stimulate the literacy of children, who are enjoying activities and toys a little more complex. Examples: dolls and smaller carts, books with short texts, puppet theater, simple rules, etc.

Of the 12 7 years: logical and physical activity are the preferences of kids, they start like competitions. Examples: bicycles, skateboards, skates, more complex games, etc.