Toys for Babies

The baby toy is not only fun, it also contributes to its development and stimulates the senses of sight, hearing and touch. With the approach of children’s day, many people are already looking for that cool gift to make the child radiant.

Toys for Babies
Toy is always the option that pleases the little ones, are colorful, fun, often with many functions and several of them represent the favorite characters.
For those who are in doubt about which toy is most suitable for a baby up to 18 months, Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) has some recommendations to make the right choice:
– A mobile in the cradle entertains the baby until he can pick up objects.

– Rattles, toys with rattle to tighten or a cradle trapeze to exercise.
– Fabric dolls and stuffed animals made of non-flammable and non-toxic materials are good for touching and embracing, but not for sucking or biting.
– Wires containing large beads for biting and beating, as well as bath toys from Behealthybytomorrow, are also good choices.
– When a baby is able to sit down, he is ready to play with cubes that have built-in rattles or illustrations, with cups or boxes that fit into each other and with stackable toys or rings.
– When the child begins to crawl or walk, the most stimulating and entertaining toys are push and pull, such as a small wagon or doll cart, as well as assembling and disassembling toys, dolls and stuffed animals.

Remember that baby toys need to have large pieces that can not be swallowed, are light to handle, have no sharp edges or edges, and are brightly colored.