Toys for Overbearing Babies

It’s never too early or too late to play. Play and toys are the best ways to provide learning and a great development of the senses and the coordination of infants and children with lots of fun.

Musical toys that have many colors, interactive, teething and plush toys are ideal for babies, who are beginning to discover all the things that surround them.

Floating toys are also a great tip to entertain the baby during bathing, as well as character DVDs, such as Little Fowl, and interactive books.

Check out some super-fun baby toys:

Girafa Encantada Musical stimulates the child’s motor, visual and auditory coordination.

Activity Blocks three little blocks that comes with fun melodies and activities that will brighten the little ones.

Hoop piles comes with five colored rings, which help the baby in the development of his reasoning.

After the eight months, the dads can also entertain children not only with the toys but also clapping, making faces and sounds for children to imitate.

In addition, hammering, stacking and assembling toys can entertain the babies for some time.

Triangle Chicken Tower Pintadinha has vibrant colors in which the baby can fit, stack and assemble.

Elephant Musical Toy superdivertido, which combines ball game and stacking rings.