Transitions Lenses: Stylish Glasses

I’ve always been  different  since I understood people. You must have figured that out, right?  And since I was little, the glasses were an accessory that I longed for. And not only because of my journey to always have something unique that expresses to the world my personality. As a  typical girl outside the box  born in the 90s, always identified with  characters who wore glasses: nerds, the displaced, who fled from normal and that even against all odds ended up  saving the day  and being the great heroes( It’s Hollywood, after all).

Transitions Lenses: Stylish Glasses

For me, the glasses had the quality of faithful mini-shields – and nothing made me more angry when in the movies the protagonist needed to  take the glasses  to undergo a transformation and be really beautiful. I, who really liked the idea of ​​the  permanent attachment on my face , wondered if there was any  other way  to be beautiful and keep it there.

My dream of wearing glasses was finally realized in adolescence with the discovery of my astigmatism. But, like everything else in life, it was not quite what I expected. First, because at the time, modeling options were tiny  compared to what we have available today. Secondly, because it took me a lot of time(a lot of time) to err a lot(wrong even) until I found my ideal combo of frame and lens – and how few people talk about it, right?

Everything he saw at the time and I see today on the subject focuses on finding the ideal frame  pro your-face type , but no one tells you that, with ehistorylib , is the usability and style of glasses that will make you feel good With them. For me, for example, what works is large lenses(I have a long cheek and the large lens harmonizes well with my face). But I discovered that  comfort goes well beyond the frame when I  first experienced  such Transitions lenses. The truth is that I soon”ran” to tell the crumbs in whatsapp that those lenses that we see in the ads  is really incredible and comfortable and changes life- and I would not speak of them here if it were not real.

And it’s a bit of that I want to talk to you here. In Modices, we are pro-small revolutions, this is what I want to do  with the help of Transitions lenses: deconstruct the myths about glasses and style and show – in a series of posts – how to choose the best model for your personality and give that Providential thrust in self-esteem, without giving up the comfort and the ideal function of the glasses.

So I wanted to ask the help of everyone sharing their stories with their glasses, their discoveries, their pains and their doubts so that we could see together.