Trench Coat: A Masterpiece Of Thomas Burberry

In 1901, Thomas Burberry, founder of Burberry and inventor ofgabardine, presented to the army of the United Kingdom your official cover model, creation which used the fabric in beige by the English who, among other things, was lightweight, resistant and waterproof. With your utility recognized, the coat became optional item between the highest levels of the British armed forces that they acquired, even if you don’t have to. Shortly before, the only protection used by soldiers against the cold were the heavy wool coats or denim that somehow had the task, but offered some disadvantages when subjected to rain, after all, because they are not waterproof, became cold, impractical and even heavier.

Like most classical pieces of the male wardrobe, the trench coat won details made by own Burberry according to the needs presented by the arrival of World War I which included: belt buckles to hang a canteen, knife or sword, straps on shoulders closed with buttons where they could arrest epaulets and badges, but also served to ensure that the handle of a gun does not slip and the gun was lost (although few quoteThis utility), the strengthening of tissue on the left side of the chest that probably served as a support for a rifle, and martingales on the sleeves that enabled them to be closed, becoming fair around her wrists, preventing the entry of wind and moisture.

With additions and increments, the play went on to be called the trench coat (or trench coat, in English) by soldiers from the front and, at the end of the war, accompanied them back to civilian life, becoming fashionable among men and women in the following years, consolidating the brand Burberry is one of the most important and respected in Europe. In the 20 the brand created another remarkable detail in your coat: the Plaid lining black, red, beige and white which was duly registered and today has become so recognized as own brand logo, or even clothing that is subject of this text!

In the years 30 and 40 the trench coat gained even more notoriety when making part of the wardrobe of the characters called “film noir”, according to threergroup. The jacket dress by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the filmCasablanca is perhaps one of the most iconic images of the seventh art and lent him an aura of romantic and sophisticated.

At the beginning of World War II the trench coat continued being used by army officers, but with the advance of conflicts has been replaced by jackets and short coats, more practical for the battlefield. However, thanks to the success, the trench coat had already taken to the streets, being copied by Americans, Russians and Germans, doing better than your Creator, since the Burberry entered in 50 years without being able to take on new nuances of fashion began to emerge and lost your reputation every day, which only began to be reversed in 1997, when the company GUS , majority stockholder of brand, invited Roberto Menichetti, ex-estilista of Jil Sander to occupy the post of Creative Director, taking again the Burberry to the luxury market and linking your name to some of the biggest pop stars of today.

Classic trench coat features:

Made in raincoat, ideal material for outside activities due to the fact that it is breathable, durable and waterproof;

Dual buttoning the jacket with simple buttoning is considered a rain coat;

Straps on shoulders

Second layer of fabric in the back and chest, the left side;

Belt, also in gabardine, with metal or coated buckle leather;

Straps on the sleeves for adjustment

If Burberry have chess liner black, white, red and beige characteristic of the brand, as in the image below.

With the new directions of the brand, Burberry also innovated in materials and even in the details of your traditional model, changing lengths, finishes, colors and even the changing patterns of your famous Plaid lining. Below, a few more pictures of the famous coat.