Trend Alert of Gi: Long Skirts

OIII! And another week begins! And today I decided to talk a little bit of one of my favorite trends, the long skirt! I’ve always been in love with for long, and the long skirt is a piece that, depending on what you combine, can go to work, to the beach, to a party, I think she is a multiplying of Advancer-and-Turner looks!

Trend Alert of Gi: Long Skirts

When using long skirts we have to have some care,  I selected some tips from militarynous.

Blouses and shirts:

A long skirt can be used with a wide social type blouse, but with a belt over it. Or for fairer blouses on the inside of the skirt. The shirts are great choices, can be in jeans or cotton, you can use them inside or outside, with stylish belts and we can also play with us, who can be one in the Center or at both ends.


I believe they are the best updaters of looks and how the long skirts generally are wide is it legal to use them with a belt to mark the skyline, and let the look less “dumped” and more feminine, the preference is always marking the waist rather than the hips, attention to your ratio.


On cold days, the long skirt can be used with a coat, jacket or bolero. But these pieces should be more adjusted to the body and cannot be long, should go up to the hip.

Leather jackets give a extra charm and modern to looks!


The choice of shoes is very important, we should not use long skirts with heel shoes or sandals, heavier shoes let their looks more modern.

Bet on ankleboots, high sandal because they lengthen the silhouette! The skirt can be worn with boots, but following the same line of heavy shoes, boots, platforms and even creeping in more relaxed occasions sandal, but cannot be type sandal slipper, because the look is very relaxed.

And finally we can say that the long skirts favor taller women, who can invest more in prints and in combinations, always taking care to keep the looks elongated.

But the shorties, no need to be sad, you can bet on a trick not to flatten the silhouette due to the length of the skirt: is choosing high waist long skirt and compose with a shirt over it in the same tone, or with very close, preferably in the dark, avoiding the large prints and large skirts models and always accompanied by a good high heels!

And as I have a lot of looks with long skirts, overdose of Gi, because I love long skirts.

And then girls liked the looks and tips? I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews, as I’ve heard many biased nonsense, like … long skirts are for people who want to hide the body, long skirts are for grannies … long skirts is for people who follow a religion… for those who still have prejudices with fashion, I can only say that it is very sad, because we have achieved a unique freedom that we can use what we have ease , what makes us well and that’s the most important thing in this life, prejudices should be abolished anyway, maybe one day …

A beautiful week and illuminated for all, full of bold good!