Trend in Women’s Hats

The hat has become very popular in recent seasons and becomes an indispensable element if you want to have a look with his own style, and different.

Trend in Women's Hats

In the past centuries, the hat was a usual complement that brought elegance, and then, over the years, fell into oblivion. But, until relatively recently, the hats are back to trend and we can find in our stores, all kinds of template for each personality. In addition to providing a sophisticated air to our look, the hat protects from the Sun.

For 2013 the straw hats with edgier style cowboy style will be a strong trend. Find models in bright hues like orange or in pastel colors such as pale pink, sky blue or nude.

According to Hyperrestaurant, it will be common to find hats with a detail on the side, like a Ribbon in the same color hat or straw hat with a tape in a different color or with a stamped, which is ethno trend.

You can choose a beach style or another style, depending on the occasion. Remember that the hat is a complement and as such must be combined with the rest of the pieces of clothing and accessories. It’s a flashy element and choose appropriately. It comes to choose the one that matches our face and without being too big.