Trends for Jewelry: Emeralds

One of the main trends for jewelry in 2016 are the emeralds, as pointed out in your last edited the JCK Las Vegas, one of the most important events in the sector.

Every year, in June, jewelers around the world are in this great international fair to display and search for news that will fill your eyes and adorning women in love with jewelry-like us! And maybe you, since you became interested in this post

Continue reading to find out all about emeralds.


Okay, we know that the best friend of women are the diamonds – sang Marilyn Monroe. However, did you know that find emeralds with the shade of green is considered perfect for this gem is very difficult, almost rare?

Is that esmeralda often presents additions to a greater or lesser extent. In mineralogy, refers to the warehouse of some kind of material during the formation of the stone. Its purity guarantees high prices per carat, placing it among the most valuable gemstones in the world.


Birthstone of the month of may, the emeralds are found mainly in South America. The main deposits are in Colombia, but in Brazil you can find them also in Bahia and Goiás. Around the world, deposits of emeralds are found in Russia, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.


In transparent versions (more rare) and opaque, green of the Emerald is the result of trace amounts of chromium and vanadium. On red carpets around the world, there’s always a celebrity who chooses a piece with the stone. Angelina Jolie is a great example. The Muse has been seen several times wearing earrings, necklaces or rings of emeralds.

The emeralds were also the favorite stones of Queen Cleopatra and also of the Romans, who used these as adornment as a symbol of devotion to Venus, Goddess of love and beauty.


The Emerald is a gem extremely sensitive, so take good care of your pieces avoiding strong strokes, scratches and temperature variations. Saving your Emerald – of the hindu right “green stone” — you have your jewelry for a long time.

And split up to you this great song by singer Tie, Emerald, to pack with harmony the your weekend < 3